UV Blacklight self-portrait (2015).


My name is Pieke Roelofs (1989). 

I'm an activist, photographer, content creator from the Netherlands, and an advocate for mental health, sexual- and psychological violence awareness.

I work as a freelancer, mainly in Fine Art-, Fashion-, Documentary- and International Surveillance photography.

My business name is Pieke Roelofs Fotografie. I also work under the name PhotoandGrime.

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I'm located in the south of the Netherlands, near Maastricht, Aachen (Germany) and Liège (Belgium). My working areas in the past include The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, England and the USA. I travel a lot for work, and regularly collaborate with other creatives on different projects that interest me.


Behind the scenes; a blacklight pregnancy photoshoot.

II do a lot of different things; it's what I enjoy most about being a freelancer. From Documentary to Fashion photography, to art directing, writing, and making videos.

My roots are originally in Fine Art Photography. I'm specifically specialised in black light and fashion photography (or at least I'd like to think so ;)), and used to make photography and modelling tutorial videos for my youtube channel PhotoandGrime as well. Images on this website are 99% of the time taken by me.

Make-up artist PUNCHINGPICTURES. We collaborated on a couple of videos.

A video about modeling for photography. Posing for photography, especially fashion modeling, can be tricky. In this video I give you my opinion on the easiest fashion modeling poses, and tips for beginning photographers and models. This photoshoot was a testshoot of a first time model.

I've worked both as an art director/photographer, on different projects. Above, some of my editorial Fashion photography work. On some of these photoshoots, I collaborated with art-director Izzy Wu.

Fashion photography is something I only still do when there is no extreme airbrushing or digital body-manipulation (slimming) involved: I've taken a stand on this in 2016, and will not accept any jobs that demand such editing. 

Editorial and Interview in Dark Beauty Magazine.

Pieke Roelofs Fotografie is my business name, which is also a certified teaching company for photography and multi-media students, where I train interns the trade: from photoshoot styling to film-editing, to photography and leading teams. 

Anne ten Hoeve

Here you can find one of my former interns, Anne ten Hoeve, nominated for the Intern of the Year award in the NL.  

Behind the scenes; Sandy Dane photoshoot.

CD cover photo for singer-songwriter Sandy Dane. Make-up artist: Marthe Neus

Video stills from the behind-the-scenes photoshoot video, for Sandy's CD Promise not to cry.

Light painting, blacklight and conceptual photography, are my favourite genres to work in when it comes to Fine Art.

Wash (2015). Light Painting.

Beyond (2014). UV blacklight portrait.

Monster self portrait (2015). UV blacklight and indirect (reflective) light painting.

Rise (2015). Light Painting.

Burn (2015). Light painting.

UV blacklight Fairy (2014). (Make-up artist Marthe Neus)

Bleeding Soul (2011); self-portrait.

From Heaven (2008).

Moira (2011).

Drowning (2009). Self-portrait after miscarriage.

Model portrat (2011)


Memoreater (2005). Selfportrait.

I'm a Fake (2007). Selfportrait.

Where is my mind? (2009)


Since 2015, I also work as a documentary and international surveillance photographer. Since 2017 I've decided to make my I.S work public on my website, after gaining enough experience and working several international cases. Before 2017, my surveillance/documentary work was only known to my former clients.

How I rolled into it? Someone gave me an assignment once, which I completed successfully. Then word spread, and now, from time to time, I work international surveillance cases. It sounds more James Bond than it is.

Documentary photography; The Elite Model Look 2013, hosted in Beek.

In reality, it means you travel a lot, take photographs of public locations for example, and try to lay low while doing so. For the record, I don't do paparazzi work, since I don't agree with it. Also, I don't have a license as a private investigator, since I taught myself everything I know about locating people or businesses for example. This is also why I'm not offering any services as a private investigator; if you need someone with a license and connections to go through non-public records, I'm not your person. However, I've successfully located people and places before, by using public records available, the information my clients gave me, and my aptitude (I'm autistic) for spotting patterns in information, and making correct connections. So if you need a locater/photographer who won't look like a P.I. in your financial books, but can do similar work like proving a company for example is located on a certain address, within a short period of time, I might be able to help you.

That 1.2 Aperture moment.

That 1.2 Aperture moment.

I also make short films. I have a couple of anonymous and public youtube channels I make videos for.

UV edible glow jelly. A recipe I made for PhotoandGrime.

UV edible glow jelly. A recipe I made for PhotoandGrime.

Photoandgrime is my small public hobby channel where I've shared a lot of UV glow experiments and recipes in the past, and photography tutorials.

Another channel I regularly produce content for, which is anonymous, is a Dutch Children's channel, focussed on educational videos for children and adults, specifically aimed at those with autism, speech- and language delay or development issues. I originally started making these autism-friendly videos for my own son who has classic autism, and from there on the channel grew. Currently I'm working on expanding the brand by making it international: I'm working with French, German and English translators to do this. Once I've successfully done this, I'm planning to make my involvement with these channels publicly. Currently I've decided to keep these channels anonymous, due to harassment from people on one of my other channels (photoandgrime).

Next to photography and film, I sometimes like to write too. The subjects I write about range from poetry/prose to science fiction stories, to blogs and articles about mental health, and science experiments (making UV reactive glow food has been one of my hobbies in the past for example). Two writing projects I'm working on right now, and update regularly:

The Children

This is a collection of short fiction stories about life and death, dreams and nightmares. Most of these stories are modern fairytales and sci-fi stories focused on morals, society and relationships between people. It's about our changing society, and how we affect each other.

Spoken Word and Poetry

I enjoy experimental writing, and mixing up poetry and prose for example, from time to time. Sometimes when I'm writing a blog, it's easier for me to share certain things by sharing it through poetry. I also like to turn my poetry into spoken word videos, so I can tell a story both visually, and through word.

Spoken Word video

Inside the System

This is a blog-series about mental health. Nothing about it is fiction; except for the names of some people mentioned in it, to protect their privacy.

I became a mental health advocate after several people in my social network attempted or committed suicide. After I was hospitalised in November 2016 for depression, acute stress disorder and PTSD myself, I became even more vocal about raising awareness about mental health. 

I was hospitalised for 7 months, until June 2017. Inside The System covers the period before, during and after I was hospitalised. In this series I describe my experience with fellow patients and their stories and mental health problems, for example. I talk about my own mental health issues in it, therapy and medication, and the effect abuse, sexual violence, harassment, blackmail, police failure and pressing charges can have on a person.. And a whole lot more. Writing about mental health has been great therapy for me, and sharing the truth about the system, the people in it, and the people that bully others into this system, has been helping me cope with everything that happened. I'm also using the Inside The System series to warn others about manipulative and abusive behaviour, and try to write helpful articles from time to time about online harassment, sexual assault and depression. The series won't be finished until May 2018.

Here's a nice Pie(ke)chart to sum op PhotoandGrime.com in a nutshell:

Glowy things are awesome.

Glowy things are awesome.