This is a list of people and website visitors that have been blacklisted, according to my own Moral Code & Cookie policy. This list is not updated yet.

If you are featured on this list:

  • I have pressed charges against you
  • I'm in the process of pressing charges against you
  • You have been flagged for malicious behaviour, and/or having an IP address that has been flagged for downloading and/or distributing child porn.

Name                     IP address          Location         

Alexander McKechnie                     -                            Sofia, Bulgaria
(youtuber Exurb1a)         

Reason: Abuse, stalking and willingly inciting violence towards me via other platforms for speaking out against him. Pressed charges against McKechnie for 1 account of rape, 1 account of sexual assault, 1 account of physical assault, multiple threats, blackmail, libel and slander, harassment and stalking.

Extra info: Uses other people to targe victims online, shows no remorse of crimes committed, publicly participates in rape jokes with friends after he assaulted and raped me, has victimised another female youtuber by stealing her images & abusing them.

Kirsten Baker McKechnie                  Southampton, UK 

Reason: Stalking, slander and threatening me. Pressed charges against Kirsten Baker McKechnie for threatening me.

Kirsten video.jpg

Simona Kovacheva                         -                            Sofia, Bulgaria and Türingen, Germany.

Reason: Stalking, harassment and libel & slander. Pressed charges against Simona Kovacheva for libel & slander.

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