The Failed Condom Challenge in Blacklight PART 1

I don't often participate in viral challenges, but when someone asked me to try the condom challenge, I instantly thought: How cool would this look in blacklight?!

The Condom Challenge: A challenge in which a person drops a water-filled condom on someone's head. If the condom stays there and doesn't break or fall off, you 'win' the challenge.

I spend a lot of my time making things glow for a hobby, so why not a water-filled condom for once?  Obviously, I accepted the challenge.. And I failed quite good at it, as you can see in the video!

I know a thing or two about making things glow in blacklight (ultraviolet light), that wasn't the problem. Before I tell you what actually went wrong, let me share how I made the UV glow in the dark water for the condoms I used!

 A Tonic-filled condom in blacklight (ultraviolet light).

A Tonic-filled condom in blacklight (ultraviolet light).

For the blue glow water, I used Tonic.

Tonic: a bitter, carbonated soft drink, in which quinine is dissolved.

 The quinine in Tonic is UV reactive, which means it will glow in the dark in blacklight (ultraviolet light). You can buy it at your local supermarket. Without blacklight, the Tonic won't glow and will look translucent. 

For the yellow glow water-filled condom, I used Vitamin B2, also known as Riboflavin. Riboflavin is UV reactive, just like Tonic. If you dissolve some vitamin B2 in water, said water will become a very bright yellow. Fun fact: If you consume vitamin B2, your urine will turn bright neon yellow!

Kryolan UV green glow lipstick.jpg

The green UV Lipstick I'm wearing in this video is from Kryolan by the way. Above you can see a video still of it, taken with my Iphone 6. I partially filmed the condom challenge with my Canon EOS 5D mark ii as well.

Now for the problem I faced..

When I tried the condom challenge, I didn't really research how it should be done. When someone said drop a water filled condom on your head, I thought you had to tie a knot in the condom. Apparently, this isn't the case! So in the video the glow condom kept bouncing off my head.

I didn't realise my mistake until my friends told me after they saw the video. I even tried to drop the condom on my own head, and managed to create a glow hat.. Oh well, at least the glow water looked quite awesome!

After a few days, annoyed, because I failed, I tried the condom challenge again with a friend. The second time, we managed to create an explosion.. Find out what happened in my blogpost about The Condom Challenge PART 2! does not display third party advertisements because we believe information and knowledge that informs or protects the public, should be (clutter)free.

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