The Failed Condom Challenge in Blacklight PART 2

Can you fail twice at a condom challenge in blacklight? I certainly can! In this video you can see what went wrong the second time.. It involves an explosion!

The first time I tried the condom challenge I made a few mistakes. The second time I decided to invite my best friend Anke (below) to join me, considering she'd successfully 'completed' the condom challenge before. I wasn't expecting any issues, and looking forward to winning the challenge!

Instead of the vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and Tonic I used in the first challenge for the UV glow water, I decided to use PaintGlow UV reactive face paint this time instead.  Above you can see Anke adding the paint to the water. You need to shake the bottles well for the paint to dissolve and the water becoming fabulously glowy in blacklight (ultraviolet light)!

For the challenge you obviously need a condom. Getting the water inside it was a hassle, as you can see in the youtube video.

During this condom challenge I wore Kryolan UV lipstick, in the shade Violet. Anke wore the shade green (the one I wore in the previous condom challenge)

In the video you can see how we tried to drop the glow water-filled condoms on each others' head. This red one almost stuck on Anke!

Here you can see me and my head trying to 'catch' a red condom. Again, it didn't stick.

By this time we had tried about 8 different condoms already, and the whole bathroom was covered in glow water. We tried dropping the glow condoms from different heights, but nothing seemed to work. We weren't about to give up though, but then, something unexpected happened..

While Anke tried to trop another condom on my head, water splattering hit the black light. And BAM, it exploded.

Fortunately, none of the glass hit us because the blacklight armature had a protective screen. We didn't have another light at my place however, so we decided to give up.

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