My rapist youtuber Exurb1a is 'going after me legally'. I need help.

Conversation about the first rape.

I named my rapist, youtuber Exurb1a, to warn others about him.

I reached out to many famous youtubers who financially supported him, to ask if they would stop supporting him, and ask him for a statement. All refused to ask him for a statement.

Cody from Alternate History Hub however, reached out to Exurb1a after I spoke to him on Twitter. Cody was a guest on the podcast Exurb1a and I made, knew about the allegations, but never reached out to me. So I addressed this to him, and how hurtful it was. As a result, he spoke to Exurb1a. He then shared with me what Exurb1a told him: that Exurb1a was going after me legally, for revealing his identity, which I did to warn others about him.

 Personal information: his name. 

Personal information: his name. 

I'm now facing legal action from my rapist for warning the youtube community about him and trying to protect myself. I never thought I would have to do this, but considering my rapist is a malicious person without a conscious, I feel like I have no other option than to ask the public for help to protect me. Especially because my rapist receives donations every month, and has been supported by people like billionaire Notch (Markus Persson, Minecraft maker).

After being hospitalised for 7 months after rape and abuse, my financial resources were drained. So I'm hereby asking the public to help make it known that my rapist is using his fans money in an attack, and possibly for those who can and want to, to financially support me against my rapist. Every small contribution helps.

So, you can support me in 3 ways.

1. Make it known my rapist is using his fans money to attack me, without them knowing. You do not need to call him a rapist while doing this. You can just bring it to his fans attention, that I've made certain allegations, he refused to comment on them, but is 'going after me', using his Patreon money. You could bring this up in his subreddit /r/exurb1a for example, which has been censored in the past regarding this, and manipulated to incite violence towards me. As a result of this I received death threats.

2. Donate to my GoFundMe Campaign or become my Patreon to help me protect myself against my rapist legally.

3. Share my story/campaign with others.

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All donations will directly go into protecting myself against my rapist legally, and getting justice, to try have him convicted.

If you become my Patron, you will get access to my Patreon feed, and receive full disclosure regarding my rape case. Depending on what kind of Patron you become, you may also get access to many other things: recorded police conversations between myself and the police, e-mail exchanges between myself and the police, video diaries from when I was hospitalised, evidence my rapist spread lies about me, chapters from the book I'm working on, etc.

Most of all however: you will help me.

So, if you have been reading my story, please realise I do not make money with my content, and have put myself in an dangerous position by speaking out. If you have spent hours reading my content, please consider helping me. It would mean a lot. Every tiny bit helps. Really. Even just sharing my story.

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