Exposed: The Sickening Truth About Youtuber Exurb1a, Supported By Famous Male Youtubers

Exposed: The Sickening Truth About Youtuber Exurb1a, Supported By Famous Male Youtubers

Rape, psychosis, breaking into a house… It’s the tip of the iceberg. Some of his victims I have been in touch with are too afraid to come forward. A “pathological liar and sociopath” they call him.

I personally will not stay silent, and will do everything in my power to warn people about this man, whom the police have been looking for but apparently can’t find. All while Exurb1a is regularly uploading online..


This investigation and expose article is published under Fair Comment/Honest Comment, to warn the public about a dangerous individual still active on youtube. This article is about mental illness, psychosis, Red Pill, rape and child pornography, and may be triggering to read for survivors. Names and IP addresses have not been censored. This article has been published after an investigation of over 1,5 year into the individuals mentioned in this post. Publishing this article is dangerous for the author behind this post and has been done solemnly to warn the public. The result has been death threats, doxxing, defamation, harassment and slander. However - we will not delete it.

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This article is a follow-up article. Please see the statement below and other articles is you are not familiar with the Exurb1a Files yet. Throughout this article references are made to other articles with more information and evidence. The Exurb1a Files contain +6 hours of audio, video and written materials.

The Sickening Truth About Youtuber Exurb1a, Supported By Famous Male Youtubers

Exurb1a has been refusing to voluntarily make a statement to the police for almost 2 years now concerning rape, blackmail, stalking, assault and violent threats against me. This article is a follow-up. Please read my statement and the other articles before diving into this one.

I spoke out in January 2017, due to blackmail and threats from Exurb1a. I used to work with him - his fans even paid him money via Patreon so he could take planes to work with me. Soon after we started collaborating we also started dating. When I quit the collaboration after he assaulted me, he started stalking me, and anonymous accounts started to send me (death) threats and smeared my name online. Police have been wanting to speak with him but Exurb1a is nowhere to be found.

According to Exurb1a’s own digital history and deleted Reddit posts, this hasn’t been the first time police were interested in speaking with him.

A recovered post from youtuber Exurb1a, also known as author Alex McKechnie, shows a confession of Exurb1a where he claims he broke into a house while he was drunk due to being intoxicated and sleepwalking. In the Reddit post, Alex states the police found him.

Exurb1a is the stage name of author Alexander McKechnie, who previously published the book ‘Exurbia: A Novel About Caterpillars’. Exurb1a’s youtube name was Exurbia, before he changed the i into an 1. Exurb1a changed his name to get around a video-ban on the subreddit /r/videos on Reddit, due to vote-manipulation.

Exurb1a tried deleting a couple of posts from his Reddit account, but the WayBackMachine managed to back-up some of his posts. In one of the deleted posts, Alex mentions that when he is ‘stressed out’ or a ‘little drunk‘, he sleeps in a sleeping bag and wears mittens to make sure he can’t undo it, due to sleepwalking.

In conversations between Alex and myself, he shared the same story. He also mentions in the conversation below that he suffers from psychosis.

I’ve learned to accept hallucinations as a natural, fun part of being awake.
— Exurb1a, 2016.

Alex (Exurb1a) talking about his sleepwalking and psychosis in 2016.

In the deleted post on Reddit, Exurb1a describes how the police found him after he broke into a house due to being intoxicated and sleepwalking. Exurb1a describes how terrified the family that lived in the house was:

“I look over to the door and there’s an 80, maybe 90, year old woman standing, practically cowering, in the doorway. And there’s a child watching from her side, looking pretty fucking terrified too. And it hits me immediately what I’ve done.”
— Exurb1a, 2012.

It’s not strange Alex deleted this post, considering I’ve filed multiple police reports against him for rape, assault, blackmail, threats, stalking, slander and defamation.

The deleted post is evidence of his psychosis, and how Exurb1a knew he might get psychotic more when alcohol is involved.

Exurb1a Rape

Dutch News Paper Publishes Article About Police Failure In Exurb1a Rape Case

Exurb1a’s own subreddit is known for censoring and manipulating posts of fans who ask questions that make him look bad. These are the posts (image taken October 2018) that were recently removed, after my name was first slandered in some of the posts, by anonymous accounts.

Any person suffering from a mental illness like psychosis, who knows they might get dangerous during psychosis, can face tougher punishment in court if they do not take any prevention to stop getting psychotic.

On the first night he raped me, he was drunk too. This makes the crimes he committed more severe: he cannot hide behind being ‘mentally ill’, because he knew he was psychotic, and didn’t take any measures to make sure others were safe to be around him or to prevent his psychosis.

Below, you can see Exurb1a and myself talk about the first rape and assault. In the conversation I describe how I had been vaginally bleeding that night on the toilet, while he passed out drunk, and I mention what it did to me emotionally.

Conversation about the first rape that happened in October 2016.

Below, another conversation about 2 weeks before, where the night when Exurb1a assaulted me is discussed between us. Instead of acknowledging what happened, Alex tried to shame me for standing up for myself. Apparently telling the person who assaulted you that they abused you, and making them feel like a ‘sociopathic monster‘, is ‘hurtful’, according to youtuber Exurb1a.

Conversation about the abuse, 2016.

The sickening thing is that while Exurb1a assaulted and raped me, he still jokes about abusing women in his youtube videos still. He has not taken the video below offline, in which he talks about killing an imaginary ex-girlfriend.

Exurb1a video where he jokes about killing an imaginary ex-girlfriend.

You might argue that the above ‘joke‘ isn’t about murdering a woman, but Exurb1a admitted himself it was. In the conversation below, Exurb1a and I discuss if it’s morally okay to ‘blow up’ a 3D cartoon GIF of a baby in a video. Exurb1a’s response:

“I just threw an imaginary woman off of a rooftop and everyone’s fine with that. Kill the baby.”

Exurb1a describing the joke about violence against women featured in one of his videos

Exurb1a who jokes on Youtube about killing an ex-girlfriend, is especially disturbing considering he abused me and threatened me after he found out I was going to the police. When creators make jokes about abuse, murder and rape, these jokes aren’t funny anymore if the creator’s character in reality, reflects their personality and actions in reality.

Exurb1a said his friend ‘Foxx’ and some friends were going to kill me, to scare me, so I wouldn’t file a police report.

According to Exurb1a his friend Foxx was a “real sociopath” who “knifed down a dog once”. Exurb1a said even though he knew Foxx was a sociopath, they were great friends, because “he understood” him.

Exurb1a’s book Logic Beach: Part 1 could be dedicated to his best friend Foxx who knifed down a dog, considering the dedication reads:

“This one, with love, is for Bowles and the Dog Wrestler.”

Bowles refers to James Bowles, Exurb1a’s best friend. The ‘Dog Wrestler’ could possibly refer to Fox, Exurb1a’s second best friend who stabbed a dog to death with a knife. Both men - James and Fox - seem to have no problem having their names linked to a mentally ill rapist.

Exurb1a’s book Logic Beach: Part 1, seems to be dedicated to his best friend who killed a dog.

In the book, Exurb1a features the names of many people who donated money to him via Patreon. Chances are the majority of these supporters are minor fans.

Exurb1a receives over 2500 dollar a month on Patreon from many fans. He has hidden the amount of money he makes on Patreon recently, and has neglected to inform his (minor) fans of the legal situation he’s in right now, while still publishing their names publicly online.

Exurb1a willingly, without informing his fans about the rape case he is involved in, has linked people who gave money to him in black and white.

Essentially, he has trapped many of his fans who have been mentioned with their first and last names in his books. All these fans obviously want him to not be convicted now, considering then their name would be linked to a convicted rapist forever. This, is part of Exurb1a’s tactic, to force people to keep supporting him (and to have people target me). By linking people to him without telling them the truth, he’s making these people loyal to him. Furthermore, what he tries to trigger in his fans is narcissism, by making his fans furious with me, for speaking out. Now, people might link them to a rapist, so these fans have every motivation to try to silence and target me. I’ve been receiving death threats and targeted harassment from his fans since the day I spoke out and started to warn people about Exurb1a.

Example of targeted harassment from Exurb1a’s fans.

Coincidentally, Foxx, the friend who knifed down a dog according to Exurb1a, is the friend who participated in a conversation with Exurb1a and another friend, about (child) rape.

Youtuber Exurb1a (Alex McKechnie) participating with friends in conversations about (child) rape, in April 2017.

According to Foxx, ‘the weapon to end all wars’ is a dildo on a disturbing device that thrusts the dildo in violent motions. Exurb1a (Alex McKechnie) liked this post.

Online you can find video examples where the dildo-device is used to target women.

A woman is shown to be targeted by the device.

A woman is shown to be targeted by the device.

A second friend named Dimitar Kyukchiev commented on the post:

“great for kid’s b-day parties..i’ve heard..from a friend.”
— Friend of Exurb1a, 2017

The friend continuous in a second comment, talking about child rape:

“Hey hey hey, kids. It’s me, Wank-0 the clown..and for my next trick..Rape..but don’t tell mommy and daddy.”
— Friend of Exurb1a, 2017

This same friend commented on Exurb1a’s profile picture:

Stop abusing your pussy.
— Friend of Exurb1a, 2017

Exurb1a replied to this comment with:

— Exurb1a, 2017

Exurb1a’s profile picture on September 30, 2017.

Rape jokes between Exurb1a and his friends have become a topic since he raped me and I filed a police report against him. In the thread below, in the group Foreigners in Sofia & Friends, Exurb1a mentions to a woman “I’ll see what I can do”, to which his friend Foxx replies:

“it rhyme with grape?”
— Friend of Exurb1a, 2017.

Public Facebook Post from 2017 in ‘Foreigners in Sofia & Friends’.

After I addressed these jokes from 2017 publicly on Twitter in February 2018, Exurb1a uploaded a video a month later, in March 2018, where he features a joke to which the answer is ‘grape’.

You can see Exurb1a pinned the top comment mentioning ‘grape’.

My guess? Exurb1a tried to cover up the rape joke between him and Foxx, by creating a joke surrounding ‘grape‘, so he could refer to this in the future.

Another dark and even more disturbing thing regarding the (child) rape jokes between Exurb1a and his friends?

Since I spoke out against Exurb1a in January 2017, I regularly received visits from users from Sofia (Bulgaria), who were marked for downloading child porn on IKNOWWHATYOUDOWNLOADED.COM. Sofia is the city where British youtuber Exurb1a and his friends mentioned in this post, live.

I called out one of Exurb1a’s friends for being complicit.

I messaged the guy who joked about child rape to Exurb1a about this, and called him out for supporting his rapist friend, and informed him of the the visitors on my website who had been marked for downloading child pornography.

A visitor from Bulgaria, marked for downloading child pornography.

Visitor in 2017 from Sofia (Bulgaria), marked for allegedly downloading child pornography. This visitor I was able to link directly to someone who knows Exurb1a, because the telecom provider of this IP addresses gave me the name and address of this person.

This visitor stalked my website for hours.

Another visitor in 2017, from Bulgaria, marked for allegedly downloading child pornography.

Exurb1a knows his psychosis is influenced by alcohol. Yet, he publicly jokes about being an alcoholic.

In the Facebook past below, where Exurb1a illegally started using an image I took of him (probably to enrage me) again in 2017, you can see his friend Foxx and his own mother joking about his alcohol addiction.

Facebook post where Exurb1a jokes about being an alcoholic.

Exurb1a seems to have absolutely no shame regarding his addictions, which he acknowledged make him more psychotic (and thus, dangerous). Below, you can see Exurb1a joke about drinking. Notice the scattered bottles around his table in the second video.

Exurb1a, who confessed to me being an alcoholic and that he abused drugs, thinks his fans should fund his addictions, which make him psychotic and more dangerous. Below, in the description of this video, he says:

Help me to do this full-time (and by “this”, I mean drugs):
— Exurb1a

Exurb1a is a predator with a perverted sexuality. In the conversation below, Exurb1a mentions his sister is sexually attractive.

Yeah, my sister turned into an absolute fox. I feel a little odd for saying that.
— Exurb1a, 2016.

Exurb1a doesn’t care whether you are a woman or man or what his relationship with you is. He mentioned his sister was ‘an absolute fox’, and told me he wasn’t bisexual, but still had anal sex with a man, during which he “gave”. It seems that to Exurb1a, people are just bodies for his sexual gratification.

exurb1a sex man.png

In another deleted post from Exurb1a’s Reddit account, Alex McKechnie describes how he deceived his employer and pretended to be working while really doing other things. He also mentions how he masturbated at work on the toilets.

Was working at desgining solar panels for a while, incredibly naive IT culture, most people there hadn’t heard of gmail, let alone reddit. I’d spend a good four hours browsing every day as part of my eight hour shift. It was a good job. Managed to write a book in that time, and read the entire works of Dostoevsky. And they paid me for it. I considered myself a professional reader of the classics. Sometimes I jacked off in the toilet and considered myself professional at that too.
— Exurb1a, 2014.

Next to this, Exurb1a has a fetish for women with severe mental issues, which he told me personally, and he stated in the conversation below again:

As someone attracted to women with severe mental issues, you can imagine how I felt about all this as a teenager.
— Exurb1a, 2016.

Exurb1a’s fetish for women with severe mental issues is evidence against him in my court case, considering he threatened and blackmailed me after he raped me so i would meet him to talk, after which he raped me again while i was hospitalised and drugged due to prescription medication. exurb1a then tried to frame me and used his fans and subreddit to target me while i was hospitalised. Exurb1a’s reasons for the abuse are directly linked to his fetish for women with severe mental issues: he tried to make me mentally unstable, because it turned him on.

Exurb1a attempted to make me mentally unstable by psychological, physical and sexual abuse.

He started the abuse early on already. During the time I was working with Exurb1a and got into a relationship with him, Alex started to abuse me verbally. Below, you can see how he attempts to shame me in a conversation for mentioning I didn’t like being called a cunt, bint and whore.

I only ever, ever do it to: A, people I actually like, and B: People who I assume are adult enough not to be offended. In the UK, however, it’s quite normal to call people by awful names. Especially friends and lovers.
— Exurb1a, 2016.

In the conversation you can see Exurb1a becomes short with me after I address I don’t enjoy the verbal abuse. You can see how I attempt to ‘make-up’ by being nice again, because Exurb1a made me feel like I was too sensitive. Later again, you can see him say ‘te quiero puta’ (I love you whore), a reference also to a Rammstein song.

In this period, 2016, I was quite gullible and naive, and I didn’t know how to deal with the abuse, because at the same time Exurb1a was love-bombing me also: he would sent love-letters, poems and music he made for me. He even dedicated a book to me:

For Pie, who is a good human.
— The Bridge To Lucy Dunne - Exurb1a.

One moment I would receive the most romantic things from him, the next moment, he would abuse me verbally, lie to me, and manipulate me.

In the conversation below, Exurb1a says he worked at the Large Hadron Collider also known as CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

CERN is one of the world's largest and most respected centres for scientific research in the world. CERN was the place where the existence of the Higgs boson was confirmed.

In 2017, I e-mailed CERN myself, to ask whether youtuber Exurb1a had worked for CERN. Firm stated in the e-mail below after a couple of e-mails that Alexander McKechnie (youtuber Exurb1a) never worked for CERN.

Not only did Exurb1a rape me while he collaborated together, and did Exurb1a exploit his employer as previously mentioned in this post while masturbating in toilets at work.. Exurb1a also attempted to get free things from artists on Reddit by promising them profits if they would ‘collaborate’ with him.

In this deleted Reddit post, he is called out by one of those artists. The deleted comments from Exurb1a were recovered with the WayBackMachine. By matching the different timezones, I was able to put them in the correct order, and show Exurb1a’s response when someone is ‘sorry to disappoint’.

Dude, if you were a multi-million dollar business...and you were guaranteed to turn a huge profit from yet another book venture cranked out by the monkeys that you hire to man your typewriters, and you were planning to greedily take more than your share, you might be “exploiting” someone. As it stands, you are just a writer attempting to collaborate on a book that may or may not garner a profit. I was merely suggesting a different split for the money you haven’t made based on experience from both sides of the book creation process...sheesh. I guess you were just expecting only positive feedback on your proposal...sorry to disappoint.

- Reddit user toxicpretty, 2014.

That’s okay. Don’t do it again.
- Exurb1a, 2014.
— /r/illustration
exurb1a deleted comment.png

Exurb1a has been known to exploit other artists without their consent. In 2016, Exurb1a published the video ‘How To Pick Up Girls On Facebook’ (mirror), a video in which he used the images of devon mayson without asking her consent.

In the video, Exurb1a stole images on singer-songwriter Devon Mayson. He made a fake persona based on her images called ‘Heather Fowler’, a girl he communicated with in the video. Exurb1a describes how he tries to ‘pick her up’ by demeaning her and calling her chubby.

Nag her. Prove your worth. Looking kind of chubby in your beach photos hehe. Yeah, eat that, I’m alpha bitch.”
— Exurb1a, 2016.

The video went viral, causing Exurb1a to gain more fame, subscribers, views, and donations. It was uploaded on third party websites as well.

When I found out Exurb1a had stolen the pictures (which he told me), I told him this was illegal. Exurb1a laughed and said he’d be “pretty fucked” if the girl found out.

Soon, the girl in question, Devon Mayson, did find out. Exurb1a didn’t respond to her until she threatened legal action. She demanded the video to be taken down. Exurb1a, who was making money due to the viral video, refused to delete it according to Devon. Instead, Exurb1a credited her. Someone found out by reaching out to her:

I reached out to Devon myself on Twitter, where she confirmed the story.

Exurb1a’s channel got famous through vote-manipulation on Reddit and by abusing female artists.

It might not come as a surprise when I mention to you Exurb1a was active in the ‘RedPill’ community. He spoke to me about this, and shared how he “learned a lot” from RedPill. RedPill has been described by some people as an internet subculture of “angry, thirsty, mostly white, conservative males who blame all their romantic and social failures on women”.

An interesting article about Red Pill you can research is Spitting Out The Red Pill: Former Misogynists Reveal How They Were Radicalised Online, by Amelia Tait. In the article “Subscribers of Reddit's most notoriously sexist subreddit explain what happens when you change your mind.”

Unfortunately I do not have any evidence conversations between Exurb1a and myself where he describes Red Pill and how he used to use the subreddit (many of our conversations happened on audio on Skype or in person).

I did however manage to recover a deleted post from Exurb1a, where it shows he was active in the /r/seduction subreddit, giving advice to other men about seducing women.

I feel like the absolute shit. I am part of the human tribe now, not sitting on the outside looking in, holding a tissue and feverishly opening tab after tab on There will be two sections to this. The first is the idea that crystalised all of this for me. The second is a small rant on why pickup is exactly thesame as unicycling. So firstly: I strongly recommend you read a book called Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini.
— Exurb1a, 2012
A good dress sense, an abdundance of smiling, an outgoing strong attitude, these are all click-whirr flags to say - biologically - I am the om nom. TAKE MY GENES. The click-whirr sexual indicators are already out there. It’s easy to utilise them. It isn’t some great secret. All of us here are already well aware of the steps necessary to become powerfully seductive. A lot of it wil be the exploitation of the click-whirr phenomenon.
— Exurb1a, 2012.

In the post, Exurb1a compares humans to turkeys. He also “strongly” recommends a pdf called “The Book Of Pook”.

Online, The Book Of Pook has been described as a result of the PUA (pick-up artist) movement. The PUA movement has been described as “a collection of psychological techniques for pressing women’s buttons in order to get them to be attracted to you”.

In the page below, The Book Of Pook’s message was that “PUA techniques were too simple, and focused on external manipulations (…)”.

Pick-up artists and RedPillers have been accused and exposed for their misogyny. Youtuber Exurb1a has been exposed in this article as a mentally ill and psychotic narcissist, who exploits, abuses, and even rapes people to gain fame.

Exurb1a is a danger to both women and men, and children. Youtube blocked my rape story about Exurb1a, and only unblocked it after outrage.

Youtuber Exurb1a is still active on youtube, and has been supported by the following white men, who have not taken any measures to warn the youtube community about this predator after they were warned about him:

  • Kurz Gesagt - In a Nutshell
    (7,151,245 subscribers)

  • CGP Grey
    (3,546,211 subscribers)

  • Casually Explained
    (1,884,098 subscribers)

  • Wendover Productions
    (1,522,271 subscribers)

  • Real Engineering

    (1,391,321 subscribers)

  • Knowing Better
    (231,053 subscribers)

Kurz Gesagt financially supporting Exurb1a.

CGP Grey supporting Exurb1a.

Casually Explained supporting Exurb1a. He featured Exurb1a’s name in his videos too.

Real Engineering financially supporting Exurb1a.

Wendover Productions’ attempt to bribe me in return for financial support, while refusing to warn the Youtube community.

Knowing Better supporting Exurb1a (see description).

Everybody who stays silent about Exurb1a while having supported him, is complicit in putting men, women and children in danger.

A petition was started by a 12-year-old boy to have Exurb1a banned from youtube, to protect children and fans from this abuser. You can show your support by signing this petition here.

I encourage every person who has ever supported Exurb1a to not stay silent anymore.

Below, a transcript of the Reddit post Exurb1a deleted, where he talks about being caught by the police after being drunk and ‘sleepwalking’:

I suppose this is an after party story, strictly:

I’ll preface this by saying that I sleepwalk. It’s usually triggered by stress or alcohol.

A friend of mine worked for a swanky hotel. Said swanky hotel threw a thank you party for all the employees. You could bring a friend, so he brought me. Free wine, pretty ladies etc. The free wine part was too much for me to cope with and I’m told I was wicked drunk by about 9. The rest is all blackout, so I’ll rely on my friend’s account. I staggered around for a bit, passively-aggressively insulting his coworkers, karate kicked someone while they were they were rolling a joint outside and just generally made a complete and utter frenulum of myself. Either they got pissed enough with me to end or the party or it wound down of its own accord and my friend threw me onto his back and started walking. We both lived about a ten minute walk away, so no worries. I was apparently unconscious. He decided he needed to pee, so he put me down and went for a quick wander; got back, I was gone. Ho hum - he thought. He’s probably gone home. He only lives about 2 minutes away.

My first memory is of staring up at two luminous tampons. I squinted a bit, rubbed my eyes - there was daylight - and realised they were high-visibility jackets. And it was the police wearing them.

”Do you know why you’re here?” one said.

”Err....” I replied. I looked around. A living room. Didn’t recognize it. And I’m still wicked drunk.

”There was a party here?” I say.

”There was no party. You don’t live here. You’ve broken in” says an officer.

I start to panic. They’re standing in that sort of getting-ready-to-pounce way, the kind of shit they pull on To Catch A Predator when the guy tries to leave the house. I look over to the door and there’s an 80, maybe 90, year old woman standing, practically cowering, in the doorway. And there’s a child watching from her side, looking pretty fucking terrified too. And it hits me immediately what I’ve done.

”I sleepwalk” I say.

”Uh huh’ says one of them. I try to convince them; regale a few previous stories that go down just hiiiiiiiiilariously, given the situation. Man, everyone is falling about. They look like they’re about to eat me. Still trying not to panic. I explain that it’s been going on a long time and eventually they believe me. The woman is still quiet. They motion me to leave, after what feels like for-fucking-ever and one of the policeman says “well, you better apologise”. So I turn to this terrified woman and I try to smile as convincingly as I can and I say “it won’t happen again”.

I also can’t find my shoes. I mention this to one of them, and he comes back through the house chuckling. “You left them by the backdoor, next to everybody else’s”

They dropped me home, being pretty nice about it really and made sure I got in all right. And absolutely nothing came of it. I hadn’t caused any damage whatsoever, which makes it even weirder. I assume they left a door unlocked or something. The house is just up my street, the family still live there. I’ve been quite careful to avoid walking past at literally any cost. I took Mike Birbiglia’s advice and now, if I’m feeling stressed out or I’m a little drunk, I’ll sleep in a sleeping bag and wear mittens to make sure I can’t undo it.
— Exurb1a, November 2012

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