Psychopath Defends Rapist Exurb1a: "Being A Psychopath Is A Disability"

Psychopath Defends Rapist Exurb1a: "Being A Psychopath Is A Disability"

If you need more evidence that youtuber Exurb1a’s fandom consists out of many low-key incels, psychopaths and misogynists, seek no further.

The other day I spoke to one of Exurb1a’s fans on Twitter, a conversation that eventually escalated into the quote below, where the user admitted to being a “fucking diagnosed psychopath too”.

Being a psychopath is still a fucking disability, and I don’t doubt for a second that you have autism. If it’s a chemical imbalance or deformation in your brain, it’s a fucking disability, I am a fucking diagnosed psychopath too #actuallypsycopathic
— Twitter user @alex91241464 "spooky_jewseff", October 20, 2018. .

The escalation started when the fan asked for the “actual proof that he got you pregnant” and “where are the documents that prove you got an abortion”.

I replied by saying “I didn’t get an abortion you miserable asshat. I had a miscarriage.”

The “psychopath” goes on: “Your point being? In both of them the baby dies, except one is by choice”.

The point in this case would be that an abortion indeed would be by choice, a miscarriage isn’t.

To tell a rape victim they had an abortion instead of a miscarriage (and that you don’t believe them), is first of all slander and defamation, and furthermore, it’s minimising the psychological trauma of having a miscarriage.

Now while abortion is psychologically traumatising for many women, throwing it on the same pile as a miscarriage, is wrong. Pushing the death of a baby after rape in a rape victim’s face, is nothing but sickening.

I replied by saying that if this person had done any research before saying something so shitty, they would’ve found the medical records of my ultrasound. I also told them “Now go fly a kite, rapist-fan”.

They replied with “You say he was you fucking boyfriend”, as if that statement means a man can’t rape his girlfriend.

The person also called me a “Goddamn feminazi” for some reason in a second reply to my tweet, because apparently being a rape victim and calling out an abuser, makes you a feminazi.

In the thread someone else responds asking if they think domestic violence doesn’t happen, to which @alex91241464 replies by asking if false rape accusations don’t happen.

I replied with a picture of a conversation between the man who raped me (Exurb1a, who’s real name is Alex McKechnie), where I described vaginal bleeding (as a result of rape), asking if @alex91241464 likes it when rape victims bleed due to rape.

The user, @alex91241464, replied by saying:

He hasn’t admitted to it in any of this, I want his own words saying that he did it, other wise you’re just taking advantage of a guy with psychological disabilities.
— Twitter user @alex91241464 "spooky_jewseff", October 20, 2018. .

The account ignored one of the quotes from Exurb1a in the Facebook message, where he literally replied to my comment about vaginal bleeding with:

As I said before, I am massively sorry I upset you. Of course I am.
— Alexander McKechnie (Exurb1a), November 2016.

I mentioned to the account I had autism, which is a disability, and that “this man” (Exurb1a) is a psychopath. Then the account started talking about how being a psychopath is still “a fucking disability”, after which someone else called him a piece of shit, to which they replied “You dumb cunt, wtf”.

The diagnosed psychopath then moved on to apologise on his own twitter “to everyone who has been spammed by my feed, I’m dealing with some cunts right now”.

Apparently telling a rape victim she wasn’t raped and had an abortion instead of a miscarriage, while talking about dead babies, doesn’t qualify as being a “cunt”.

When the psychopath is called out by someone, he replies by saying:

I never said that the evidence supports it, I meant that it pointed TOWARDS IT, I want HIS WORDS. Not anyone else’s.
— Twitter user @alex91241464 "spooky_jewseff", October 20, 2018.

Considering psychopathy is for example defined by antisocial behaviour, impaired empathy and not feeling remorse, it’s no surprise @alex91241464 wants Exurb1a’s confession before believing his rape victim. The user knows psychopaths most likely won’t confess.

After I blocked the user, they shared a printscreen of this, with the comment “I win”.

In the printscreen they showed their telecom provider. Given the user visited my website, I guess I win?

When bot systems on social media rarely take action against abusers, it’s time you start protecting yourself. Since I started to protect myself, I also started to ask the question: Who runs the bots? does not display third party advertisements because we believe information and knowledge that informs or protects the public, should be (clutter)free.

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