How To Be An Activist

How To Be An Activist

So you want to be an activist but don’t know how or where to start? Here’s a list with advice and tips on how to find your voice, and use it.

  • Pick a cause close to your heart.

  • Start researching your cause.

    • Make sure you know what you are supporting and/or raising awareness on! Read articles, research statistics and keep up-to-date with new developments surrounding the cause.

    • Set Google Alerts to get notified about news regarding your cause.

    • Follow people linked to the cause on social media to show them support.

  • Connect with other activists or supporters of the cause and start talking about the cause.

    • Start talking about the cause with your friends, family, at school or work

    • Start talking about the cause online. You can use Twitter or Facebook for this, or start writing articles about your cause on a blog.

    • Participate in discussions about the cause.

    • Come up with solutions to help a cause.

    • Share your own story.

    • Amplify the voices of other activists (or victims) raising awareness on the same causes.

    • Talk to people who may be able to help and cause change, ask them to address the cause, and explain why they would want to support it.

      • You can occasionally tag these people in public posts. Keep in mind nobody likes to be spammed though; so be considerate when you do it.

  • Address complicity and enablement: those who look away and/or are part of the problem.

    • Is a company (unknowingly) enabling another company or person they morally shouldn’t support? Address it.

    • Capture and back-up complicity and enablement.

    • Make a blacklist

  • Don’t feed the trolls.

    • Some activists hide their true identity for safety, no surprise there. However, trolls, terrorists and abusers often hide behind accounts that do not show their true identity online, and only target specific people or causes. There’s no point to interact with true trolls, because their entertainment is to upset you.

    • Trolls often have little to no followers on social media accounts, or are only followed by other trolls, and users who return ‘follow’ favours to look more popular.

    • Trolls often don’t share pictures of themselves, their daily lives, or other social media accounts where you can find them.

    • Trolls often gaslight, manipulate and use hypocrisy to make you engage with them. They try to divide activistic movements this way.

      • For example: Trolls who targets female activists in the #MeToo movement, often do so by calling out female abusers online, but don’t call out male abusers. They try to push activists to call out a female abuser for example, without addressing male abusers themselves at all.

      • These trolls think it’s the job of every #MeToo activist to be on their computer 24/7 and to address every single news article out there (especially when it concerns female abusers). This is simply impossible, and a tactic of these trolls to hurt a movement.

      • A good activist will talk to people to address abuse. An activist will only escalate when the people they try to talk to, wilfully ignores enablement or complicity.

      • Trolls who target activists for not talking about a certain cause/topic/abuser yet,

      • These trolls will call male activists in the #MeToo movement often ‘white knights’ and refer to sexual violence activists as ‘social justice warriors’.

      • True #MeToo activists are intersectional and address sexual abuse of all shapes, committed by all genders. Research if the account you suspect to be a troll is intersectional or only targeting women alone for example.

  • Sign petitions. Share petitions. Create petitions. Find people who want to sign a petition.

  • Help fund good causes or help the causes get funding.

  • Don’t be a terrorist.

Now go find a cause you believe in.

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Could these stalkers be youtuber Exurb1a? Decide for yourself.

Activism: Let's Change The World

Activism: Let's Change The World