How ‘Papoose-Piers’ And Son Use Women To Further Their Careers

How ‘Papoose-Piers’ And Son Use Women To Further Their Careers

Journalist Piers Morgan, who among others enjoys harassing people on the workplace with spiders, appears to have a son. In general, people having offspring is not very interesting. Considering however both Morgan junior as well as senior like attention and are good and getting it, it’s worth to investigate how they are able to focus the spotlight on themselves.

What’s interesting for me is that it seems that the Morgans like to further their own careers by using women especially.

In fact, they are so obsessed with the species that according to myths comes from Venus, their public tweets regularly seem to revolve around them in some way.

Mini Morgan, also known as Spencer Morgan, enjoys football, Twitter, and climbing. Specifically social ladders, just like his old man. Since father and son’s strategies to fame work quite well, it’s worth to look into how they do it, to show the manipulation they both engage in to make their own stars rise.

In this family edition about Piers Morgan & Son, I will have a closer look at how far the apple falls from the tree.

Who is Piers Morgan?

Piers Morgan is a journalist and hypocrite who likes to complain a lot for the sake of attention. Let me make this clear: he doesn’t only complain or go after women, men are regularly his target too.

In October for example, Morgan had a rant about papooses being ‘emasculating’. In the tweet where Papoose-Piers addressed this, he went after James Bond actor Daniel Craig, who used a papoose to carry his child.

Anything that’s ‘emasculating’ and defying gender roles in general, baits journalist Piers Morgan.

Morgan was very happy that his name was trending on Twitter due to what he refers to as ‘Papoosegate’. He saw it as a victory that men worldwide started sharing pictures of themselves with their children being carried in papooses and he was ready to mock every new picture that popped up.

Photo: Twitter

A month later, in November, Papoose-Piers thought it was a great idea to go after girl group Little Mix, because who doesn’t love a hypocrite?

In his show Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan ‘called out’ the all-female pop-group for ‘using their bodies and sex to sell their records’, in their newest single Strip.

Little Mix - Strip ft. Sharaya J (Official Music Video).

Strip is a music video in which the singers of Little Mix show their bodies with written texts of hurtful comments they’ve received in the past.

Photo: Little Mix

After the comments Piers Morgan made about the group, Little Mix’ singer Jesy Nelson called him (rightly so) a ‘silly twat’ live on radio.

Piers Morgan, who enjoys hijacking waves of attention for women who are celebrated for their work, instantly took the opportunity to focus attention on him again.

Because really, how dare women enjoy their hard work and self-confidence and celebrate it, when the world should revolve around Piers Morgan, who’s beyond a hypocrite?

In a tweet directed at the group in general (not the singer who called him a twat), while using their @ username (a great way to get noticed on Twitter), Piers Morgan wrote:

“If you’re brave enough @LittleMix - come on @GMB tomorrow & say when you’ve just been saying about me on Radio One to my face. Then we can debate your cynical exploitation of nudity to sell records.”

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Burger King

Twitter exploded since Morgan’s tweets got noticed a lot because of Little Mix’ album release.

It was a successful strategy Piers Morgan used: he hijacked the attention the girl group was getting due to their album release.

Many Twitter users, rightly so, pointed out the hypocrisy of Piers Morgan, considering he used his own body in the past to sell a perfume by Burger King.

Artist Ariana Grande was one of the people who publicly supported Little Mix and called out Piers Morgan.

Papoose-Piers junior, Spencer Morgan, decided to use the opportunity to draw attention to the fact that a world famous singer was tweeting at his dad. Spencer Morgan retweeted Ariana Grande’s tweet, while adding the following text:

“Ahh ffs there go my chances.”

Photo: Twitter

When the media addressed Spencer’s comments, he happily retweeted them, to further attention on himself and his father.

Photo: Twitter

It’s not the first time Spencer Morgan has shown online he enjoys attention just as much as his old man. If you take a look at Spencer’s twitter timeline, you can find countless examples of it.

Photo: Twitter

Below you can see Spencer sharing articles about how he survived a spider bite, and tweets where he’s called ‘gorgeous’.

Photo: Twitter

Of course, articles where he’s called ‘hunky’ and ‘fit’, were shared by Spencer as well.

Photo: Twitter

Next to enjoying articles that praise him, Spencer also enjoys to go after feminism, the movement that globally helped women to get voting rights.

Photo: Twitter

Spencer Morgan blamed feminists as well for the uproar comedian ‘Dapper Laughs’ caused due to his jokes about raping women, even though 40 comedians signed a letter condemning ‘Dapper Laughs’ for his behaviour. Apparently anyone who believes jokes about raping women aren’t funny, are feminists, according to Morgan.

Spencer tweeted:

“‘Dapper laughs’ is merely a comedy character like any other on shows like little Britain etc. All this feminist uproar is pathetic.”

“People who say dapper laughs encourages sexual violence are as absurd as people who blame GTA for high school massacres #PCmadness.”

Photo: Twitter

What’s interesting is that the comedian Spencer Morgan was talking about, actually acknowledged that his jokes had gone too far. In an interview with BBC Newsnight, journalist Emily Maitlis talked to ‘Dapper Laughs’, real name Daniel O’Reilly, and from the exchange we can tell that O’Reilly doesn’t agree with Spencer Morgan and had a change of heart about his character after realising the influence it could have on people.

Emily Maitlis: “What you're saying is that women who say no don't mean no and if people watching you think that's funny and go enact that, then that's the consequence of..”

Daniel O’Reilly: “That makes me sad to think that if someone had done that and I was responsible for that, that's terrible. That’s why, this week, the bad press and everything that's happened, I've stopped and said.. You know, it's wrecked my life to a certain extend.”

Emily Maitlis: “So you're feeling like a bit of a victim now are you?”

Daniel O’Reilly: “I wouldn't say that. Maybe a victim of my own mistakes.”

In the interview O’Reilly initially stated he would stop using the character (even though he used the character again after this, although in a more toned down version): "I'm not going to represent Dapper Laughs or allow Dapper Laughs to represent me. I want the people out there to know that, you know, not only am I going to stop it, I'm going to help it not being promoted as well.”

Comedian at centre of storm over inciting violence against women tells Emily Maitlis he got "carried away" and regrets persona that "wrecked my life".

Spencer Morgan and Piers Morgan both enjoy name dropping on Twitter to attract attention, especially when they can show off their (indirect) connections to people.

Photo: Twitter

In Papoose-tober, days before his father tried to take down ‘James Bond’, Spencer casually showed off his connection to alleged rapist Cristiano Ronaldo.

Photo: Twitter

Two months later, Papoose-Piers - days after attacking Michelle Obama - tweeted an image of himself with the Obamas, captioning it with “Love catching up with old friends at Christmas”.

Photo: Daily Mail

Photo: Twitter

Someone replied to the tweet and called out Piers Morgan for doxxing (revealing private information) two innocent people who were originally named as suspects in the Gatwick drone controversy that led to the airport being forced to delay flights for days.

Photo: Twitter

It’s no surprise Piers Morgan jumped on the Gatwick controversy the moment it happened, because it was trending on Twitter: it was just another way for him to bring attention to himself.

Even though Papiers publicly apologised (probably for legal reasons) to the couple whose image he shared and called “terrorists” and “clowns”, he was pretty quick to shift the blame later again to the Sussex police department, tweeting:

“Hmmm. Sussex police nicked the wrong, innocent, people & still haven’t found who flew those drones. I suggest they stop pontificating about media reporting of their actions & do their own jobs better.”

Photo: Twitter

If we track back Morgan junior’s tweets from 2014, we can see that even though he tried getting attention already back then by tweeting at Kim Kardashian by comparing her to a centaur, his star only seemed to rise after his father started putting him in the spotlight more.

Photo: Twitter

Interestingly, Papoose-Piers went after the Kardashians four years later again only a few days ago, by tweeting:

“If you’re curious why the Kardashians are all so greedy, narcissistic & repulsive, here’s their mother yesterday.”

Photo: Twitter

It’s surely cheesy and yet again evidence of hypocrisy that Piers Morgan has the audacity to accuse others of being narcissists, with tweets like the one below, where he states:

“Most unsettling Instagram incident of the day is that a photo of my Boxing Day cheeseboard has currently got twice as many ‘likes’ as a selfie of myself.”

Photo: Twitter

It seems Piers Morgan just really can’t stop being a hypocrite on Twitter, let alone let go of his habit to use women to further attention on him.

Photo: Twitter

Luckily for us women, there are always men out there who call out narcissistic men who enjoy being hypocrites. Thanks guys! does not display third party advertisements because we believe information and knowledge that informs or protects the public, should be (clutter)free.

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