Could these stalkers be youtuber Exurb1a? Decide for yourself.

Could these stalkers be youtuber Exurb1a? Decide for yourself.

This is a long story but I want to ask you for your opinion because this is getting more creepy for me every day, and has been going on for 2 years.

User CurrentRestaurant on Reddit, December 4, 2018.

This article will get more insane with every image, so please, please stick with me until the end of it.

Three days ago, on December 4, 2018, an image from an old and protected shit-post Twitter account which I used in the past, was shared without my permission on reddit.

This twitter account is an account with almost no followers and almost nobody knows about. The man who raped me, someone I worked with, did however know about it.

In the past I used the account to share quotes, make shit posts, and shared thoughts and sentences for the book I was writing at the time. People cannot access the account without permission. I made the account private while I was hospitalised in December 2016, when I spoke out about my then work-partner youtuber ex. As we speak my case is going to court.

News article about my court case from September 2018.

Youtuber Exurb1a assaulted and raped me, and while I was hospitalised after rape, he threatened and blackmailed me. I made most of my social media accounts private in December 2016 due to this, and stopped tweeting on this account specific account, which again, almost nobody knew about: I have another public account which is linked to my name.

So how is it possible this image from my shit-post twitter account from 2016 was shared online in 2018?

Let’s go down the rabbit hole to find out how an image of my private Twitter account could possibly end up on Reddit this month.

Personally, I suspect this account is the man who raped me. Meaning, if it is him, while I was hospitalised and hadn’t spoken out yet publicly about him raping me, he maliciously tried to find dirt on me while I was suicidal inside a hospital, Before he visited me inside the hospital, and raped me again.

Please let me know what you think via e-mail or twitter.

The reddit account named ‘CurrentRestaurant’ shared the image about my private Twitter account on the same day it joined reddit. In the topics it's active it's attempting to smear my name.

This is the shit-post account the redditor referred to. Almost nobody knows about this account as you can see. Don’t bother following it, I don’t use it anymore.

As mentioned, the account was mainly used for shit-posting, writing inspiration, quotes and updates on my progress in the past, mainly for myself. Some close friends had access to it; people I’ve known for years and trust.

This is where the stalker story partially starts. I suspect this user to be the redditor who smeared my name. Why? You’ll find out.

On October 16, 2018, someone who had never tweeted at me before, replied to a tweet of mine. This tweet was about a girl I’ll refer to as 'Attagirl' who is linked to the man who raped me.

I found it very strange this account tweeted me for the first time in 2 years, so I did some research.

Apparently this account followed both my public account as well as my private account in the beginning of December 2016, while I was hospitalised. Since I hadn't accepted any new followers since mid December 2016, I instantly suspected it was the man who raped me.

You see, I spoke out publicly in detail in January 2017, after Exurb1a raped me in October 2016 and December 2016.

However, almost nobody knew about the situation in October, November or December 2016, except for a handful of people (mainly the shock-witnesses in my rape case who have submitted their testimonies to court), and Exurb1a.

Here you can see the Exurb1a follow 'attagirl' on Soundcloud. The stalker account tweeted at me when I addressed this woman on twitter, for the first time in 2 years. The account had never tweeted at me before in 2 years, not a single time when I called out other people, including Exurb1a’s friends. Attagirl however, was interesting to them for some reason…

The account that tweeted at me was created in December 2016 as you can see here. This was when almost nobody publicly knew about what happened to me. This was also while I was hospitalised due to the rape and while the rapist was threatening and blackmailing me. The account had followed me in December 2016, which is mentioned in the following conversations below and the account doesn't deny it.

In January 2017 I spoke out because the abuser was blackmailing and threatening me. This was when Reddit and Exurb1a’s fans found out about what happened.

After the public tweets, I reached out to the account, because I thought the account was suspicious. I instantly started backing up evidence.

The account wanted to know if I had been in touch with 'attagirl'. Again, suspicious, because they never tweeted at me before about anyone else. Why is this account so interested in ‘attagirl’?

Very quickly I asked if the account was Alex (Exurb1a) to see how it would start communicating with me once I mentioned his name.

When I mentioned the name Alex, the account probably realised I was suspicious of it, so they tried to convince me they weren't.

They said they 'were one of the first to find out about my story', which is highly unlikely, because they followed me in December 2016, and almost nobody knew about it back then. They also say they are a 'survivor' (rape victim). Again, suspicious.

I mentioned I had been warned by others the abuser probably stalked me with multiple accounts (more evidence about him stalking me later). Since others warned me about this, I regularly tweet controversial things and instantly delete them, to find out who stalks me and will use those as red herrings.

You see, on Twitter you can get notifications instantly when someone tweets, and it’s a great way to find out who’s stalking my account.

Surprise! A bait-tweet I instantly deleted appeared on reddit.


Above, a bait tweet I posted on twitter and instantly deleted, was posted by the Reddit account.

I’ve been dropping traps for months now to catch trolls and stalkers on different places.

These stalkers take my controversial jokes online to smear my name.. But for some reason they never smear Exurb1a’s name based on his jokes about how his fans should commit suicide, or how he kills women in his video for example? Interesting..

Now.. Back to the Twitter conversation..

The account shares a (bullshit?) story about wanting to help me in some way, while it never tweeted at me in 2 years time… (?!)

The account seems to make a lot of typos on purpose and tries to appear as someone who’s native language isn’t English throughout the conversation.

The account, to try to comfort me and make me less suspicious, then said they thought they had autism as well, just like me. I have Asperger's Syndrome. Very conveniently the account uses this. They also talk about things I've spoken about on twitter (covert narcissism etc).

The account mentions 'Aspie survivor sisters', referring to:

  • Aspie aka Asperger's syndrome, how I often refer to it

  • The green heart symbol which I use instead of the red heart almost all the time.

  • Survivors, rape victim, saying they are a rape victim too.

So this account who followed me in December 2016 suddenly is an autistic rape victim who uses the green heart symbol, like me. Not suspicious at all right? It sounds like they are trying really hard to make me like and not doubt them.

Examples of my use of the green heart emoji recently.

Example of me using the term 'aspie'. Apparently the account has been reading all my tweets before tweeting at me, even my replies to people.

I didn’t trust the account, but pretended like I did trust them, while backing up evidence.

Again the account asks if I've spoken to 'attagirl'. Why would they want to know if I’ve spoken to ‘attagirl’? Are they afraid I’ve spoken to them?

The account again tries to find out if I have contacted attagirl when I don’t reply. I wanted to see if the account would continue to do this, so I avoided answering the question. Again, they ask. It seems the sole reason they contacted me almost 2 years after following me, is to ask if I've spoken to attagirl, someone Exurb1a follows on Soundcloud.

When I don't reply, the account starts bringing up other women connected to the rapist, showing they clearly know every detail about my story and those linked to the rapist. As you can see, I already print screened this conversation while they were still typing.

All women mentioned in this conversation undoubtedly know about the situation. The ‘B’ account seems to know exactly which women Exurb1a knows, and I know by name.

The account tries to pretend they are looking out for the other women and me.

Last message between the account and myself. Quickly after, the account set itself to private, before deleting it. Why would this account delete their Twitter account? Probably to hide the date they created it. Fortunately, I backed it up.

Now, I mentioned I had more evidence of the rapist stalking me. This is where it starts.

The rapist has not been active anymore on Twitter publicly since October 2017 when the #MeToo movement started (10 months after I spoke out publicly). However, in January 2018, the rapist suddenly followed a twitter friend of mine, who didn't follow him.

The twitter friend almost followed nobody. It's very strange the rapist followed her, especially because she follows me and has communicated publicly with me, and she didn't follow him and neither was he active publicly on twitter anymore.

I talked to my twitter friend about this. She said it was okay I would share our conversation.

The twitter friend as much as me was confused why the rapist followed her. We think he might have done it either by accident while he was stalking my account and those who supported me, or, did it on purpose to terrify me to let me know he's watching me (victim triggering).

The twitter friend had supported me publicly but recently made their account protective (stalkers are no fun). She gave me permission to share the tweets though.

Exurb1a even stalked my netflix account in 2016. I'm from the Netherlands, he's from Bulgaria.

In 2017, before the #MeToo movement happened, the abuser would regularly make 'sub-tweets' which others called out because they were clearly aimed at me. Notice the times.

An example of another 'sub tweet' which others have said is clearly a subtle threat aimed at me, given the times.

Exurb1a used his own subreddit to target me. He deleted negative topics about him but kept negative topics about me. He was called out for it. Here, you can see a conversation between a moderator from the subreddit who kept informing me on what the abuser was doing.

Example when Exurb1a was called out for manipulating his subreddit, and below it some comments he did allow on the subreddit, who smeared my name.

I was hospitalised in 2016 for depression and being suicidal after the abuse.

Diagnoses mentioned: Autism, Depression and Acute Stress Disorder (PTSD later).

I am not insane or crazy and I have medical evidence I am not psychotic. However, for over 1,5 years, anonymous accounts have spread lies about me saying I am psychotic and crazy, which is why I released my medical records.

It's especially disgusting lies about me are spread, while Exurb1a confessed in a deleted reddit post he suffers from sleepwalking and amnesia due to sleepwalking, and has broken into a house once due to his sleepwalking. In this deleted reddit post he describes how police caught him. He confesses that alcohol might induce sleepwalking. When Exurb1a assaulted and raped me, he was drunk too.

For some reason however, the anonymous accounts targeting me, try to bury this post and ignore it. But my mental health is questioned, while I released my medical records to prove I am not ‘crazy’.

Here's another part from my medical record, from December 2016. It's in Dutch, but on 05-12-2016 you can see words mentioned by my nurse like 'narcistische, antisociale/sociopatische persoonlijkheid', meaning 'narcissistic, antisocial/sociopathic personality disorder', which was my description and fears about Exurb1a.

A day ago, the account that smeared my name, confessed this joke was in my bio in 2016, on a shit-post account almost nobody knows about.

Exurb1a was one of the people that knew about that account. I blocked him on this account in December 2016, and shortly after, the other account Twitter mentioned before followed me there before I made it private.

Someone called out the user on Reddit, after which you can see the ‘CurrentRestaurant’ account attempts to change their story.

I can't imagine any of my friends being this, I trust my friends 100% and they have all publicly supported me. It’s certainly insane that right after the Twitter account that followed me in 2016 deleted their Twitter, this post ends up on Reddit.

Next to the death threats I’ve been receiving since January 2017 (always anonymous accounts), creepy Twitter users have been contacting me for months. Below, a conversation with one of them that stands out for me.

Yes, you’re reading that right. This account proposed to murder Exurb1a. I contacted the police about this.

To me it feels like this might just be the abuser too, trying to make me say something incriminating so he can frame me.

Imagine if I had joked back to this account and said ‘sure’? I’m pretty confident this would have appeared on Reddit too.

This account pretended to be a secret agent who wanted to murder the man who abused me. They even showed me a badge (lol). Anyone can show an online badge, so I asked the user to write my name next to it.

Next, they send me an image with my name written next to it. Imagine that? Someone went so far to (probably) get fake badge or Photoshop one into an image with my name next to it.

If this isn’t creepy and insane, I don’t know what is. Personally I don’t believe this person is an ex-soldier. What I think? It’s someone who tried to frame me. does not display third party advertisements because we believe information and knowledge that informs or protects the public, should be (clutter)free.

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