Ban All Abusers and Predators From Youtube. Sign the Petition.

Ban All Abusers and Predators From Youtube. Sign the Petition.

It's time Youtube starts taking action against abusers and predators within the Youtube community.

Click here to sign the petition to ask youtube to take action against youtubers by banning them from the platform, if they commit the following crimes, regardless of these crimes happening on Youtube or Outside Youtube:

- Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence and Rape
- Child Grooming and Suicide Grooming
- Online Violence and Threats

Please consider signing these other petition below also, to ask Youtube to ban the following Youtubers, to set a precedent which can be used to ban other youtubers in the future too: 

Petition 1: Youtube to take action regarding Chris Ingham. Youtube investigate the allegations!

Petition 2: Get liar, rapist and coward Exurb1a off YouTube #TIMESUPYOUTUBE

Petition 3: Ban Chris Ingham from YouTube

What's Going On?

Thank you for stopping by, and for your interest in this topic. Since the #MeToo movement happened in October 2017, more people have started speaking out against predators on Youtube: from abusers to rapists to youtubers who intimidate their victims, groom children, and commit immoral or criminal behaviour. However, Youtube does not seem interested to take action against these predators.

Why does Youtube not take action against predators?

Because these predators make Youtube money and because many of these predators commit their crimes outside youtube. Youtube's policy and Community Rules have been written in such a way that a Youtuber can commit crimes outside Youtube without being punished. For example, a youtuber can use Youtube to find and meet victims, and then commit crimes against these victims outside youtube. A youtuber may threaten a victim on Snapchat, groom a victim on Skype, or even sexually assault or rape a victim. If this happens outside the Youtube, Youtube feels like they shouldn't punish these predators by terminating their accounts.

In a nutshell

For example, if a youtuber sends a rape threat to a victim, the youtuber may be suspended from Youtube. If the youtuber actually meets this victim and rapes the victim, it happened outside Youtube, so Youtube doesn't feel like they need to take action against the rapist based on their Community Rules and Policy.

This is insane, and that's why we want change.

I want to know more. What can I Research?

A lot. This Call For Action blog will be updated daily with more information and a list of predators on Youtube. You can research the following articles & videos below:

Youtuber Arrested After Following Woman To Her Front Door And Trying To Grab Her

Article about 3 Youtube predators: Chris Ingham (The Ingham Family), Christopher Prusa (c2prusa) and Alexander McKechnie (Exurb1a).

Youtuber Exurb1a: A Rapist and 'Sleep Walker' Who Sees Hallucinations

More information about rapist Alexander McKechnie (Exurb1a).

'F****** WHORE' 

Shamed YouTube star Chris Ingham’s ‘cult-like’ fans make vile ‘rape’ and ‘murder’ threats against teens speaking out about his ‘sexual’ texts

YouTube star who groomed and abused underage kids spared jail

Youtube predator Tom Laywood, 18, threatened to ’embarrass’ victims if they didn’t comply. Laywood, from Swanwick in Derbyshire, pleaded guilty to three counts of inciting underage boys to engage in sexual activity.

Rees Family Vlogs talking about #NoRoomToGroomOnyOUTUBE

#PieChat Livestream with Vivek about people we consider abusers on youtuber: from Chris Ingham to Exurb1a, to VeeOneEye, to Christopher Prusa.

Rees Family Vlogs update on #NoRoomToGroomOnYoutube.

#PieChat Livestream with Daniel. Rees Family Vlogs apparently received a solicitors letter from Chris Ingham representive regarding No Room To Groom On Youtube (#NoRoomToGroomOnYoutube), where Ingham complains about the hashtag that was started, blaming the Rees Family Vlog for causing harm and distress.

Jess talking about her experience with Chris Ingham.

Video about youtuber VeeOneEye.

Exurb1a is an abuser and rapist who recruited his fans, friends and family, including his own sister, to target me after he assaulted, raped, blackmailed and threatened me. He did this while I was hospitalised after he physically and mentally abused me. Look up high functioning narcissist.
Zoella's BF Alfie Deyes Responds to Chris Ingham Allegations (TheInghamFamily). In todays video I will be talking about Alfie Deyes recent tweets aimed at Chris Inghams allegations that have came out. TheInghamFamily have been effected by the events that have happened and alot of people want the TRUTH to the allegations aimed at Chris Ingham.

Alright. I want to help. What can I do?


  • Sign the petitions mentioned in this article in the beginning, and start speaking about abuse inflicted by Youtubers with others (especially on social media). Share the petition and this article, and tweets you see about the movement.

  • Tweet under the hashtags #NoRoomToGroomOnYoutube, #MeTooYoutube and #TimesUpYoutube.

  • Consider mentioning the CEO of Youtube in these tweets (Susan Wojcicki) and the CEO of Patreon; a platform many youtubers use to make money with (CEO: Jack Conte).

  • Check videos of youtubers who are abusers. When you see an advertisement at the beginning, pause the video and printscreen it. Don't watch the complete advertisement so the abuser gets no money. Consider tweeting at the advertiser mentioned in the advertisement, and address they are advertising on a channel of an (alleged) abuser. Ask them to stop their advertisements and to support the movement.

  • Support the victims of online abuse from 'cultfans' and youtubers who are abusers. If people feel supported, other victims might feel empowered to speak out.

  • Tell victims you believe them. This is one of the most powerful things you can say to a victim.

  • Research stories of victims of other youtubers that the one you know of and share them. Find the pattern and address the pattern of abuse on Youtube.

  • Use the #MeToo hashtag in tweets too, so activists in the #MeToo movement will find out about the movement.

  • Tag important people, newspapers, youtubers, politicians, people who work at Google/Youtube or Patreon, in your tweets.

  • Research Fair Comment / Honest Opinion on a public person so you know what you can say legally. The rules are different in some countries, so research what your country says about these things.

  • Do Not Engage With Trolls.

Click the buttons below to directly send a pre-written tweet.


Twitter reactions about predators on Youtube


Disclaimer: This post was written under Fair Comment / Honest Opinion on people in the public eye. Call for actions in this post are suggestions based on Fair Comment / Honest Opinion. Statements expressed in this blog are opinions from the author of this article and/or third parties made to address serious and dangerous problems and issues in the Youtube and Patreon community, to raise public awareness and warn other users of these communities. Tweets featured in this article may not be endorsed by the author of this article, but are shared to start a conversation about these topics. The author of this article will not be held reliable for statements made by third parties, or action taken by third parties. The author of this article supports Free Speech and people to use their right to express their Honest Opinion. The term abuser is used to refer to any person in the public eye that abuses their power and through that abuse inflicts harm upon the online communities mentioned in this article. The term predator in this article is used to refer to any person in the public eye who in the Honest Opinion of the author or third parties, ruthlessly exploits others. does not display third party advertisements because we believe information and knowledge that informs or protects the public, should be (clutter)free.

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Allegations Concerning Asia Argento

Youtuber Arrested After Following Woman To Her Front Door And Trying To Grab Her

Youtuber Arrested After Following Woman To Her Front Door And Trying To Grab Her