10 Ways To Be A Better Human Being For Free

10 Ways To Be A Better Human Being For Free

There’s a saying that describes how the flap of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. This is chaos theory; also known as the butterfly effect.

Chaos theory describes how the smallest change in a complex system can have an effect on the outcome and change the course of a system.

We can all change the world slowly by being conscious of chaos theory and the power our voices and actions have. Doing good doesn’t need to cost a lot. In this list I will give 10 tips to be a better activist and human being for free.

1. Take pictures of your hotel room when you go on a holiday

Sounds silly? Not so much when you learn about traffickcam.com! Child pornography is often created in hotel rooms. To help the police identify possible locations where child pornography was created (which helps tracing predators), take a picture of your hotel room whenever you go on holiday, and upload the picture and your location via traffickcam.com. It’s free (use the hotel’s wifi!), takes about 2 minutes, and you might help save someone’s life.

Photo: Pieke Roelofs

2. Browse the web while planting a tree

Search engine Ecosia.org uses their ad revenue from your searches to plant trees where they are needed the most. It’s a great way to give something back to the world while finding the information you need!

3. Use your toilet time to use your voice

You can do a lot in 5 minutes. Consider spending your toilet time not browsing Twitter or Instagram, but browsing change.org. Change is a website globally used by activists to start petitions to fight for a better world. Use your toilet time every day to find petitions you want to support, and sign them.

4. Set your devices to dark / night mode

Increase the battery life of your devices by switching to dark/night mode. By increasing your battery life you will reduce your use of electricity, which is good for the environment (and your wallet).

5.Write For Rights

Sometimes a letter can change someone’s life. That’s the premise of Write for Rights, Amnesty’s global letter-writing campaign and the world’s biggest human rights event. Check out Amnesty’s campaign here.

Photo: Amnesty International

6. Eat less beef

Have you considered going vegetarian, but can you not give up meat completely? Consider cutting beef out of your diet. A recent study has shown that red meat impacts the environment more than for example chicken or pork. Apparently red meat needs 28 times more land to be produced than pork or chicken and 11 times more water and results in 5 times more climate-warming emissions, according to the Guardian.

7. Turn your selfie into a fist

Add a story and voice to your selfies by implementing activistic hashtags or ideas into them. Fight for justice, your morals and what you believe in when you show off your new haircut. Don’t just show off who you are on the outside, but what you believe in as a person and who you are on the inside. Give your selfies a voice by turning them into a metaphorical fist.

8. Buy in bulk

Reduce package waste by buying in bulk. It’s good for the environment and makes you more conscious about recycling.

9. Grow free gifts for your friends

Chlorophytum, also known as the spider plant, is one of the easiest plants to grow and has many different variations. Chlorophytum is also mildly hallucinogenic to cats, so if you have one, know that many cats love chewing on the leafs. Chlorophytum has similar effects like catnip. (It doesn’t work on humans ;)).

Photo: Pieke Roelofs

What’s amazing about this plant is that their inflorescences carry plantlets. A single chlorophytum plant can produce 8 plantlets in a year (if you’re lucky, even more). If you take off a plantlet and put the bottom in a cup of water for 1-2 weeks, it will produce new roots. After 1-2 weeks you can put the new plant in soil. A year later, you have a second chlorophytum plant, that will produce new plantlets as well. You can easily turn your house green in 2 years by starting with just 1 single plant. Are you done with your house? Gift a chlorophytum to your friends and family. It will barely cost you anything and is a home-grown gift your loved ones will appreciate (unless they hate plants ;))!

Photo: Pieke Roelofs

10. Use your talents and skills to collaborate with others on activistic projects

You don’t need to donate money to charity to fight for a good cause. Use your skills and talents to support ideas and causes you are passionate about. Twitter is a great platform to get in touch with activists who’d love your help. Are you a decent writer or artist? Collaborate with others to create content to support a cause. Are you good with social media? Offer to moderate the website or social media accounts of a small charity you love. Are you good with communication? Become part of a project to help find others who want to support it.

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