Are you a victim of Alexander McKechnie / Youtuber Exurb1a? Read this.

Dear everyone,

It’s a New Year, and my mine surely ended with a boom and started with one.

I can’t give to many details at this moment, but I want to write this message to you, in case you have been following the situation regarding youtuber Exurb1a (see below for resources).

This message is especially for you if you are a fan of Exurb1a, or if you know him personally.

First of all, I want people to know, that multiple people these last 2 years, have reached out to me about youtuber Exurb1a to share information about him with me.

Every person who did, has done so for different reasons.

However, they have all reached out to me, and some of these people have given me valuable information about him, his behaviour to other people, and especially, why others may not be speaking out publicly.

In a nutshell: people are scared of youtuber Exurb1a, also known as Alex(ander) McKechnie, and he’s known as a pathological liar who deceives people.

People have seen how I’ve been treated by both Exurb1a and his fans due to speaking out, and due to it, they are staying silent. They don’t want the hate. They don’t want to be stalked and harassed by him and his fans like I am. They don’t want their names linked to this man publicly.

If you are Exurb1a’s fan and have been targeting me, do realise that by doing so, you are scaring other people to come forward publicly. So every fan who targets me, is silencing the voices of other victims by doing so.

If you are attempting to indirectly intimidate other victims to not come forward by targeting me, you are complicit, and we have every reason to suspect - if you have an anonymous account - you are Exurb1a or someone close to him.

If you have been victimised by youtuber Exurb1a in any way, please know, that you are not his only victim.

There are others.

When more victims come forward, those who are currently staying silent, might find the courage to speak out. When support is shown for those who come forward, others might speak out as well.

Please know that if you have any bad experiences with Exurb1a, you can reach out to me in different ways to share this information, and I will protect your identity to the best of my ability if you do and treat me respectfully (don’t harass me or spread lies about me - because I will not protect your identity if you do).

I wish you all a happy 2019.

May justice prevail in 2019, and may the voices of many be finally be set free.

Pieke Roelofs


Name: Alexander Donald McKechnie
Alternative name: Youtuber Exurb1a
Born: July 1989
From: England, the UK
Current location: Unknown, police have not been able to trace his location. Possibly he’s living in Sofia, Bulgaria. does not display third party advertisements because we believe information and knowledge that informs or protects the public, should be (clutter)free.

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