Do you want us to die?

Do you want us to die?

Between 85-95% of rapists who had a criminal complaint against them filed, walk free. Do victims of sexual assault need to die in order to be believed?

This article discusses sexual violence and murder which may be triggering to read/see for survivors. 

This week, a former jail guard from Georgia (USA) was arrested. The charges: Aggravated sexual battery, aggravated assault, criminal attempt to commit sodomy (anal rape), false imprisonment and obstructing an emergency call. The victim of scumbag Kirk Taylor Martin (28) was his ex-girlfriend. If you look at Martin’s mugshot below, you can see she fought for her life: the scratches all over his body were caused by her, according to the police.

Kirk Taylor Martin raped his ex-girlfriend in March 2019. Photo: Murray County Sheriff's Department

Oxygen writes that Martin’s ex-girlfriend told police that he locked her in a closet after the attack. She said he only let her out after she agreed to get back together with him. When he let her out of the closet, she found a moment to Facetime her mother, who called 911.

The fact that this woman is alive and survived Martin’s attack, is a miracle. Not every victim of rape is that lucky.

Death: the fastest road to justice in the legal system, in most cases

Christine Silawan (below) was raped and murdered in the Philippines this month. The rapists cut her face off after killing her. Police are still looking for the psychopaths who did this, so Christine has yet to face justice in death through a conviction. In most countries, usually when a rape victim is murdered, the police will do what they can to find and convict the rapist(s).


Christine Silawan was raped and murdered in the Philippines in March 2019.


Crystal Stephens sexually abused, tortured and raped 4-year-old Brandon Steckler.

Brandon Steckler (below), an autistic 4-year-old boy from the USA, was sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered in 2018, by twisted Crystal Stephens (right), a friend of the mother of Brandon.

Crystal Stephens is facing death row in Nevada (USA) for the crimes she committed against the young boy.

Brandon was found with burns, bruises, rib fractures and other injuries, and died in the hospital. He also had methamphetamine in his system, suffered from malnutrition, sepsis and pneumonia.

Brandon Steckler was sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered in 2018 by Crystal Stephens.

Viktorija Sokolova (below), a British schoolgirl, didn’t survive rejecting a 16-year-old-boy in the same year (2018). She was murdered by the boy for refusing to have sex with him; he used 21 hammer blows to kill her. When Viktorija was dead, the boy raped her dead body. He has been convicted of his crimes, but cannot be identified because he is underage.


Viktorija Sokolova was murdered and raped in 2018 by a boy she rejected. Photo: West Midlands Police


Alesha MacPhail (below) didn’t survive rape in 2018 either. The six-year-old girl from the UK was murdered by youtuber Aaron Campbell after he abducted and raped Alesha. Campbell, who has denied all accusations against him, tried to pin the crime on the girlfriend of Alesha’s father.

Alesha MacPhail was raped and murdered in 2018 by a youtuber. Photo: Daily Record

Youtuber Aaron Campbell raped and murdered 6-year-old Alesha MacPhail.

Aaron Campbell (left and below), who raped and murdered Alesha, is a youtuber who tried to get famous for years. Campbell already started vlogging at a young age, saying he hoped he would get famous like youtuber Pewdiepie one day.

Since Youtube barely seems to have a problem with rapists and murderers, this monster will probably find his youtube channel still online in a few years, with an eager audience waiting to watch his videos out of a morbid curiosity for rapists.

If Campbell will start to record and upload new videos if and when he gets out of jail, it will be a reminder of how privileged people are who can film videos and share them.


Alesha MacPhail’s murderer, a few years before he raped and killed her, in a video on his own youtube channel. Photo: Youtube


Do you think any of the victims mentioned above had any time to record their abuse to prove it? Obviously not. The police and public prosecutors had/have to prove what happened to them, because they all died.

We know victims regularly get killed by people who sexually assault them. But even though we know this, society in the majority of rape cases, still asks for video evidence of the abuse when victims survive, especially when the abuser is a public person or ‘hero’.

While the victim after rape is glad they survived and tries to warn the public about a dangerous person through filing a criminal complaint - doing a public service to protect our society - they rarely are welcomed with open arms. Victims get subjected to horrible police interrogations, public shaming and questioning, which sometimes can go on for years, until the case is settled in court.

Read more on rape culture: Dutch Police Complicit In Psychological Abuse Of Rape Victims

We are murdering rape victims. Publicly.

It’s not unheard of that public shaming, court procedures and the humiliation a victim faces by speaking out, may lead to the death of a rape victim.

Lindsay Armstrong (below) was forced to hold up her underwear in court. The boy who raped her was convicted, but weeks after the trial Lindsay took her own life after everything that happened to her. Even after her death, Lindsay was targeted. The rapist’s sister told the news that “As far as I am concerned, that girl deserves to be where she is after what she's put him through.”

Lindsay Armstrong took her own life. Photo: Daily Record

Lindsay Armstrong took her own life. Photo: Daily Record

When rape victims take their own life due to how the public and legal system treats them, we cannot claim there is ‘justice’ in the legal system, even though in Lindsay’s case, her rapist was convicted.

We only have to look at India to see how regularly rape victims die by suicide. In 2018 a rape victim set herself on fire after being blackmailed by the man who raped her. In that same year, another rape victim did the same thing, after police refused to file her criminal complaint for rape.

Read more on rape in India: Women , You Are Truly Better Off Seeking Cow Rights

We are globally killing rape victims because we don’t believe them.

Society as a whole seems to be focused on protecting the careers of the accused more than standing by the victims who dare to speak out. Since October 2017, when #MeToo started, the discussion about toxic behaviour and rape culture has finally started, and things slowly seem to change. However, for years, society was wilfully closed their eyes when it comes to treatment of rape victims.

Nathan Forrest Winters was molested as a child by director Victor Salva (left). Salva was convicted for some of the crimes he committed against Nathan, but still managed to move forward in Hollywood making movies such as Jeepers Creepers, and even worked together with Disney.

The world happily embraced a child rapist for years, because he entertained them.

Latoya Jackson was publicly shamed and humiliated when she spoke out against sexual abuse concerning her father Joe Jackson.

When Latoya dared to address the childhood sexual abuse accusations against her brother Michael Jackson, she came under attack. Now, in 2019, the documentary Leaving Neverland which discusses Michael Jackson’s pedophilia, has caused many to finally condemn him, and clear Latoya’s name for being marked as the ‘crazy one’.

Youtube comments on the interview with Latoya Jackson, where she discusses the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, Joe Jackson. Photo: Youtube

In 100 years, we might find ourselves rewriting history: we’ll be defining the rape victims people now call crazy, the most sane of all, in the articles and pages where their names were publicly smeared.

How many more rape victims have to die though, before we get there?

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