Simon's girlfriend is dating a pedophile

Simon's girlfriend is dating a pedophile

Simon’s now-girlfriend Renee wants to know how I felt about his ‘fetishes’ when I was dating him. Renee and I are on the phone, speaking for the first time, and the conversation is nothing but embarrassing for me, especially due to her age.

Or maybe it’s mainly because she’s dating a pedophile.

Renee (early twenties) is in a relationship with a toxic man since the age of 18, but for some reason she’s blind to the majority of his behaviour, or ignores it on purpose. She’s asking my opinion about Simon while she just confirmed he spread lies about me (again). While Renee seems suspicious of me due to Simon’s lies, she does want to talk, but I can’t say I have much hope she’s starting to see the light. It seems she is rather morbidly fascinated to find out more about one of the women Simon has been obsessed with trying to break for years, than actually interested in talking about him. I know, because she’s been stalking me, my website, and social media. (Hi Renee)

Simon is not a man I enjoy talking about with other people, and I’ve been doing everything in my power to cut him out of my life. Simon’s response when I got out of the relationship were among others rape fantasies he sent me via Whatsapp (of which I still have the receipts), lies he spread among our social circle that ‘I wanted to get back together with him’ (of which I have the receipts), while he was the one sexually harassing me in unwanted texts and telephone calls (of which I also have the receipts). He also made a promise to me when I broke up with him:

“I’m going to treat every woman like shit from now on,” he said, as if he hadn’t treated me like that already.

I’m now talking to his girlfriend Renee, wondering what Simon has already done to her that he couldn’t do with me, because I ran when I found out about all his fetishes and sexual urges. I feel somewhat sorry for Renee just thinking about it, and usually I do for anyone who talks to me about Simon (because I can guess their experiences), but should I truly feel sorry for her?

Renee is the type of girl who weeks after Simon was kicked out by his wife got together with him and made their relationship ‘official’ on Facebook. Renee allowed Simon to pay for her luxury lifestyle and instantly went on expensive trips with him, showing them off on Instagram to gain more attention there as an aspiring ‘influencer’. She did this while abusing harddrugs with Simon, a man who in the meantime refused to pay child-support for his own kid, which Renee knew, and didn’t care about.

I don’t like the term ‘golddigger’, but when it comes to Renee, she’s the first woman I met I would maybe classify as such. Her history is troublesome however, begging the question if we could classify her as a woman who uses men to further her wealth and career, or if there’s more going on. At the age of 15, before Simon, she was already in a ‘relationship’ with a grown-up man, who it turns out paid everything for her. I don’t feel comfortable calling it a relationship at all, since Renee was underage and in my opinion groomed, but Renee herself until this day still calls it a relationship. She actually left her long-term partner (the first pedophile, cough) when she was 18 for Simon (the creep) who at the time had more money than her ex. Apparently her ex was heartbroken about this, because Renee and him were planning to move in together. Instead, she moved in with Simon. Renee’s online footprint as a teenager shows glorification of anorexic models, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, and wishes about becoming rich. She seemed to mainly spend her time talking about famous actors and singers, telling publicly how much she ‘loved’ them. In 2019, she’s part of Simon’s online scams, where they try to sell online guides to ‘make people rich’, while they aren’t rich at all themselves. They’ve made enemies. Enemies who have been reaching out to me.

If anything I pity Renee, but she’s definitely not innocent, because just like Simon she spread lies about me (before talking to me while never having met me). She found out about my specific connection to Simon by stalking his and my old Facebook posts, doesn’t mind a father abusing harddrugs around his child, and she seems to have a knack for misleading people online for money - just like her boyfriend.

Why am I even making an effort to talk to this woman?

When Renee and I discuss one of the many reasons why I broke it off with Simon - his perverse sexual preferences for example - she instantly tries to convince me Simon is ‘definitely not’ bi-sexual or gay. Renee implies Simon has enough sex with her for her to know he is ‘heterosexual’. She seems under the impression that when I’m referring to Simon’s questionable sexuality, I’m talking about his fetish for (his words) ‘chicks with dicks’. To me, it was never about his fetish for transgender women who happen to have a penis, and porn related to it he would secretly watch. The problem I had specifically was with his sexual sadism and worse and the fact that he treated people as ‘objects’, regardless of their gender. Transgender women with penises weren’t women to him he could fall in love with. They were ‘chicks with dicks’ whom he fantasised about anally raping. Female looking men weren’t ‘feminine men’ he fancied emotionally, but ‘traps’ he found sexually interesting. And Pokemon? He imagined having sex with them, specifically, Pokemon that looked underage. I still have the receipts with evidence, and I’ve kept them with me for a long time, because Simon is someone who will punish you for cutting him out of your life. Back then he would go as far as drawing underage Pokemon in extreme pornographic material he would send to people, and was banned from an online community once for sending people (in many cases unsolicited) ‘borderline’ porn. I still have those receipts as well, and some of them have already been public for years, in dark corners of the internet.

Are you surprised I ran when I found out about all this?

Just because someone can have sex with you, it doesn’t mean they are only attracted to your gender, or people your age.

When I carefully try to bring up the underage Pokemon fetish and the fact that Simon secretly participated in online (rape) role-playing-games where people played children, Renee doesn’t sound surprised or interested to discuss it, after just asking my opinion on his fetishes. She switches topic rather quickly, asking me what lies Simon has spread about me. I notice it, and frankly, it worries me. Do young people think this is normal behaviour and ‘just a kink’? Do they honestly convince themselves that these types of fetishes are not a red flag, or is there more going on?

While pondering Renee’s response, I remember a conversation I had when I was 19, with a friend at the time who had just lost her virginity. This friend told me that the guy she dated wanted to have anal sex with her days after he took her virginity, and she allowed him to, even though it hurt. When I was shocked about this, she was somewhat surprised. I told her that in normal heterosexual romantic relationships (especially when one partner has just lost their virginity), it’s not common to ‘stick it up someone’s ass’ days after. My friend was under the impression this was normal, since the guy had communicated this to her and she knew it happened in porn ‘all the time’. I had to explain to my friend it wasn’t and that she could’ve refused anal sex, and refusing wouldn’t have made her a prude. Many heterosexual people never have anal sex in their life, and the ones who try it, usually do so after having vaginal intercourse for some time and more sexual experience. I told my friend refusing anal doesn’t make you ‘old school and lame’. After I said this, she confessed that the guy had started to make remarks about her ‘hot’ sister and that he wanted to ‘date her’. She felt humiliated due to it, and asked me if she was too sensitive. Again, I told her this was not normal behaviour, and the guy was a scumbag.

Just because you’ve seen it in porn, it doesn’t mean it’s ‘normal’ sexual behaviour.

Years after the conversation with my friend, I ran into a former friend with his girlfriend at a festival. His girlfriend - obviously unhappy and embarrassed about it - tried to invite me for a threesome because her boyfriend was interested in it, while I was in a relationship at the time (which they knew). When I politely declined and tried to finish the conversation to leave, the girl confessed she wondered if her boyfriend ‘truly loved her’, because my former friend often wanted to ‘humiliate her during sex’ to the point where she would cry. She said he would choke her, hit her, call her names, and the consensual part seemed lost in his ‘game’. I was shocked, even more so when weeks later the boyfriend sent me an unflattering picture of his girlfriend in the middle of the night via Snapchat, where he made fun of her. This former friend had never treated me badly at all, but I didn’t doubt the girlfriend’s story for a second. Seeing the subtle psychological abuse he was inflicting on her through me was incredibly disturbing. He even posted images of her publicly on Facebook, referring to her as a ‘whale’. People who commented on it found it funny, not seeing it as a signal of an abusive relationship.

How many young people have no sense of boundaries anymore due to porn?

A father of a daughter who was a victim of partner rape, reached out to me recently to tell me about the horrors his daughter went through: his daughter’s boyfriend forced her to have an abortion. The second time she got pregnant, she managed to escape him while she was 20 weeks along in her pregnancy. Her father found her at the GP, malnourished, where she asked for his help. The next weeks and months the father found out what had happened to his daughter. His child was abused and raped for months and forced to watch porn to ‘learn how to give good blowjobs and have sex’ (she was a virgin before she met her boyfriend). They’re now going through court to hopefully have the ex-boyfriend convicted. After his daughter filed a police report, two other women filed reports concerning rape against the same man, of which one of the victims was an underage girl at the time of the crime. The father of the daughter is now trying to protect both his child and grandchild from the rapist, and has close to financially ruined himself in trying so. As we speak, I’m discussing with the dad in this situation to publish his ‘letters to men’, in which he wants to address rape culture and complicity.

Is pornography slowly erasing our morals?

According to the BBC, a Middlesex University study in 2016 commissioned by the NSPCC and the children's commissioner for England, warned the public that many teenagers were at risk of becoming desensitised to porn. In the study 1,001 children aged 11 to 16 were questioned: 53% of 11- to 16-year-olds had already seen explicit material online, nearly all of whom (94%) had seen it by the age of 14.

One 11-year-old girl told researchers: “I didn’t like it because it came on by accident and I don’t want my parents to find out and the man looked like he was hurting her. He was holding her down and she was screaming and swearing.”

A 13-year-old boy said: “One of my friends has started treating women like he sees on the videos - not major - just a slap here or there.”

”It can make a boy not look for love, just look for sex, and it can pressure us girls to act and look and behave in a certain way before we might be ready for it,” said one 13-year-old girl.

Another 13-year-old girl said: “A few of my friends have used it for guidance about sex and are getting the wrong image of relationships.”
— Pornography 'desensitising young people' by Katherine Sellgren for BBC

I’ve personally experienced partner abuse three times, and one thing I realised after those horror relationships, is that all the men in it watched porn a lot and had a high sex-drive. Two out of three tried to anally penetrate me (rape) out of nowhere after an argument, during what I initially thought would be ‘make-up sex’. It seemed they wanted to punish me into submission, and used sex for it. The one who never tried to anally penetrate (rape) me, eventually used a knife to threaten me when I refused sex, after which he raped me. All men called me names in fights as well and all were verbally, physically and psychologically abusive.

Based on my own experiences and those of people around me, I can’t help but worry about the dark numbers of people that are abused and humiliated by their partners and coerced into doing things they don’t want to do for the sake of ‘love’. I’ve picked up many signals concerning abusive relationships in my own area, and what has been especially revolting for me was the complicity of third parties in the abuse.

Just because someone tells you they love you, it doesn’t mean they actually do.

Renee talks about how often Simon tells her he ‘loves her’ - words I know to be meaningless when they come from Simon’s mouth. If I had to give Simon a name, it would be ‘sadistic sociopath with narcissistic tendencies’. I’m not allowed to officially diagnose someone, so let’s just keep it at ‘scumbag’ and ‘monster’. Renee refuses to believe Simon has been harassing me sexually and thinks I’m lying, until she sees evidence of it (OF WHICH I HAVE PLENTY), after which she remarks she finds it ‘disrespectful’ towards herself. I’m glad to hear she at least finds it ‘disrespectful’ towards her, because she seems to gloss over Simon’s sexual fetishes - including the Pokemon pedo fetish - not questioning his sexuality at all over it. Or is it maybe because she likes that fetish herself?

Is someone heterosexual if they are attracted to Pokemon of both genders that look like children? Is someone heterosexual if they are into bestiality, rape and sadism, regardless of the gender and age of those involved? Or is someone who is sexually interested in all these things together maybe - skip maybe - an absolute pervert, who doesn’t care about gender or age, as long as they can dominate and humiliate the person they have sex with (or rape)? And is someone who’s dating a person like that, who doesn’t seem surprised or worried to hear about these fetishes, maybe an absolute pervert as well?

After speaking with Renee and hearing how she tried to justify but at the same time avoid talking about Simon’s sexual urges, I can’t say I was surprised much about what I found out days and weeks after. Apparently Simon’s abuse has escalated so much, people are starting to talk.

Escalation of abuse

Last month, I visited the police station with Simon’s former best friend, and witnessed him delivering his testimony to the police. This week, an official witness report was filed. Simon’s ex-friend confessed Simon showed him child pornography, and that according to him Simon specifically has a fetish for rapes of babies and toddlers.

Another woman spoke to me about similar lies Simon spread about her for rejecting him.

A union consisting of multiple people who have beef with him, delivered me evidence of Simon’s fraud and scams, and the actions they tried to take against him.

An ex-boyfriend of Renee has stated he thinks Simon sexually abused her at a ‘drugs and sex party’. The ex called Renee ‘submissive’ and that she would ‘do anything you tell her to do’.

It turns out Simon also sent people in our mutual social network videos where he snorted cocaine off Renee’s ass, including a video where Renee is crawling on the floor like a dog with a tail butt-plug up her anus.

Simon described Renee to others as his ‘slave’ he had an ‘agreement’ with: he would ‘pay everything for her’ so she ‘would do everything he wanted’. People are talking about Simon ‘grooming’ girls too.

All the above came to my attention in 2019, because for some reason people were willing to share this information with me, which possibly has something to do with my activism regarding exposing scumbags, which my social network and area knows about and has seen grow since 2017, after I spoke out about the youtuber who raped me.

While Renee states she’s in a ‘serious relationship’, Simon compares the woman to a prostitute. His promise to me after I broke it off with him, has seem to come true in a way I never imaged it would.

At this point, if I was Renee, I would be rather called a prostitute than Simon’s actual girlfriend.

But does Renee realise herself that her ‘boyfriend’ has turned her into a sex slave and has made her complicit in his crimes? Or is she okay with that, including the child porn, and maybe as sick and twisted as him?

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