Asking for help. I named the rapist, now he's threatening me. My case explained.

Asking for help. I named the rapist, now he's threatening me. My case explained.

In January 2017, I named the rapist and abuser: my ex-coworker youtuber Exurb1a (+600.000 subscribers on youtube). 

The rapist has said he's 'going after me legally' for doing so, and by that is threatening me and slandering my name, because as of now, he still hasn’t sued me. I'm hereby asking the public for help to support me in my legal case.

Evidence he's ‘going after me’ (which he still hasn’t done by the way):

Who am I? My name is Pieke Roelofs. I'm a Dutch autistic woman from the Netherlands and mother of a child with autism as well, with severe language and speech delay. Financially, I could be ruined by my rapist, which is why I'm asking for help. I think he's planning to do this to drain my financial funds and to make it financially more difficult for me to have him prosecuted (I needed to get a lawyer due to police-failure in my case, mentioned at the bottom of this page).

I would like to ask the public to help make it known that the rapist is threatening and slandering my name to other people I worked with, but still hasn’t taken any legal action against me whatsoever. He’s just spreading lies, to make people doubt me.

Furthermore, if he would sue me, he would use his fans money to do this. They don't know.

I've set up a GoFundMe campaign to help gain funds to defend myself and have him prosecuted and a Paypal link for those who want to help and support me financially. Every tiny bit of support helps. Most important though, is raising awareness Exurb1a is spreading stories which aren’t true.

The rapist, youtuber Exurb1a, has been financially supported by his fans (almost 3000 dollar a month) and people like billionaire and Minecraft maker Markus Persson aka Notch. (It seems he stopped supporting him though)

notch support exurb1a.png


Exurb1a still receives a lot of donations every month from his fans, of around $2,541 a month.

exurb1a patreon money.png


In the past, by many famous youtubers including Kurzgesagt (who still financially supports him), Wendover Productions and Real Engineering have also financially supported him.

I'm asking for help to protect myself against my rapist, by asking people who financially support him, to drop support. If anyone would like to help me legally by donating to my case: such help is welcome too. I spoke out and named my rapist to protect myself and warn others, and am now facing a potential lawsuit against me. Below, I will explain why I spoke out, and what exactly happened.

I felt forced to speak out to protect myself, because Exurb1a blackmailed and threatened me to be quiet about rape and abuse, while I was hospitalised for acute stress disorder and depression, after suffering a miscarriage after rape and abuse. I was hospitalised for 7 months total, not able to care for my own son during this time. 

Exurb1a and I were co-workers and worked together on a podcast and many other projects (I was supposed to make a documentary about him for example). This was the reason why we met: to work together. While we were working together, a romantic relationship also developed. It was a serious relationship: he met my family and son, and I met his family.

Evidence I was making a documentary about him (video is set to private):

Evidence we were working on other projects too (script for a film):

In case you were wondering about the bandaids: Exurb1a automutilates his finger-nails. This is why he hides them.

Youtuber Exurb1a has an alcohol problem. He doesn't hide this; he jokes about alcohol and drug abuse all the time, on his youtube channel. While he was drunk, he assaulted and raped me in October 2016. The week after we broke up.

Because I was supposed to make a documentary about him as well, and being in documentary-modus during the whole relationship, I managed to capture incriminating footage of him where the abuse is discussed. I recorded these videos because Exurb1a refused to believe what he was like drunk, so I thought recording it would prove it to him. Also, because I was scared he would get violent again, and I felt like I needed to record the situation in case it got out of hand.

Exurb1a tried to keep me silent about what happened, and started to threaten, stalk and harasses me, and even blackmail me, while I was hospitalised. He accused me of lying and actually blackmailing him, not knowing I had recorded incriminating footage of him, which proved the assault had happened.

exurb1a blackmail statement alex m.jpg

He forced me to delete tweets about him where I called him out for harassing me while I was inside a hospital, because he told me if I wouldn't, he would tell all his fans (thousands of people) I was hospitalised due to being psychotic, while I was actually hospitalised due to being depressed and suicidal as a result of rape and abuse. He told me what would be in his statement: it would be filled with half-truths and lies. He said he would make it public I hate been blackmailing him.

Out of fear, I deleted my original tweets where I called him out for harassing me while I was hospitalised, because at this moment, I could not protect myself properly due to being at a hospital ward with bad internet, barely having access to internet, and being suicidal. 

The idea that he could pitch a story with lies to thousands of fans, and assassinate my character, was terrifying. He told me he had recorded a Skype conversation in which I had mentioned the medication I was on; the antipsychotic Seroquel, but in my case used off-label as a mood stabiliser and to improve sleeping problems. Exurb1a called me psychotic and insane. I knew if he had recorded the conversation where I mentioned the meds I was on, it was pretty easy to make all his fans believe I was crazy.

Protected Twitter 01.png
Protected Twitter 02.png
Protected twitter 02.png

I stayed silent for 6 weeks.

During this time, Exurb1a asked to come over to talk. He visited me in the Netherlands while I was hospitalised and on different kind of very strong medication I had never been on before.

Seroquel: used as a mood-stabiliser in my case. As you can see in the note my psychiatrist wrote to the police, it was used off-label. Meaning, since it is originally an anti-psychotic, is was not used to cure psychosis. In my case it was used to treat sleeping problems, and used as a mood-stabiliser.

Read about Seroquel: Antipsychotics in the treatment of autism

I was also prescribed Zoloft (anti-depressive) and Xanax.

Xanax is a known rape-drug. Just to give you an idea, what kind of severe side-effects these meds can cause.

As you can see below, I was diagnosed with depression and acute stress disorder (and autism).

Diagnose report for police.jpg

While Exurb1a took me out of the hospital to talk, he threatened me subtly. When I told him I couldn't be his friend anymore, his direct reply was: 'Did you know I once set fire to a woman's computer?'

Half an hour later, I had a panic attack, while I was on strong medication, he then, while I was crying, sexually assaulted me again, and two weeks after, tried to use it against me (as can be seen in the video: he just twists the story).

What happened in the Netherlands, this alone, could lead to Exurb1a to end up 8 years in prison according to Dutch law Article 243:

I quote (Google translation): He, who with someone he knows that he is in state of unconsciousness, reduced consciousness or physical impotence, or suffers from such a defective development or morbid disorder of his mental faculties that he is not or imperfectly able to determine his will about it or making known or opposing them, committing acts consisting of or partly consisting of the sexual penetration of the body, will be punished with imprisonment of up to eight years or a fine of the fifth category.

I've pressed charges against Exurb1a in the Netherlands for rape, sexual assault, physical assault, blackmail, harassment, threatening me, and libel and slander.

I had to press charges against his own sister for threatening me.

Kirsten Baker McKechnie.jpg

I had to press charges against a friend of Exurb1a, and Exurb1a himself, for libel and slander as well.

When I spoke out online to protect myself, so he could not pitch the 'crazy person' story first to thousands of people, I had to tell everybody in my social network about the situation I was in. That I was hospitalised for depression and being suicidal, and that I had been raped and abused, and was being blackmailed by my ex. This was an incredibly humiliating thing to do, but I felt forced to do it, and release every detail about the situation - even things that made me look bad - to show I had nothing to hide. To prove, I was being threatened and blackmailed, by my own rapist.

Since I only had 2 recent exes (one of them being my ex-husband, the father of my child) since 7 years, I felt forced to reveal which ex was doing this: the one I was working with, so the father of my child would not be seen as my rapist. I also named my rapist (Exurb1a), to warn others within the youtube community about him.

There was another reason I also spoke out: Exurb1a has been accused of sexual assault before, by someone else, other than me.

I cannot make public by who, because it's not my story to tell and the details are so severe and the problem is, I have it from hearsay, from Exurb1a himself. If I would make details public, I have no evidence to back-up my story as of now.

He told me about this allegation during the time we were together. Back then, I thought he told me to show me he trusted me with incriminating details about his life. He said his parents instantly believed him when he said he didn't do it, and that they cut out the person who accused him of this. So I believed him when he told me he was innocent. I didn't question this story because he had brought it up himself, until I was raped and abused and blackmailed by Exurb1a myself, and told my own parents about this story, who said he maybe told me as a 'precaution' in case someone would ever bring up the allegation. So he'd have a story ready.

The only way for this other allegation to come out, is if people in the United Kingdom (probably Southampton area), hear about my story, and who my rapist is. 

My rapist's name is Alex(ander) McKechnie, youtube name: Exurb1a. If the other person who accused him of sexual assault hears about my story, they might come forward. So I hope they will find out about my story, and reach out to me.

After I spoke out in January 2017, Exurb1a's fans found out because we were working together. I received death threats for a year for speaking out, was called horrible things, and received little support.

This all happened while I was hospitalised for depression and being suicidal. Exurb1a did nothing while his fans attacked me, his friends, and even his family.

When #MeToo happened in October 2017, I finally started to receive a little support.

During 2017, I experienced a lot of police failure regarding my rape case.

- In November 2016, I was not able to press charges at police station in Sofia, Bulgaria, (where the first rape and assault happened) due to a language barrier. The police there didn't speak English, and I didn't speak Bulgarian. They couldn't help me, after I spent an hour at the police station trying to communicate with them.

- In January 2017, I was not able to press charges at police station Sittard in the Netherlands, because of police mistakes. They told me I had to go back to Bulgaria. I asked them to file a police report instead, and write a note I had done so which I could make public, because people started to threaten me online and said I hadn't gone to the police. At the time, I kept the real name of my rapist private. I asked the police to use his youtube name in the note. Filing a police report took 2 hours.

- Later, after tweeting my own government about it, my own government tweeted me back saying I could press charges in the Netherlands after all (and that the police made a mistake) Evidence:

- I confronted the Dutch police at police station Sittard about this failure. They set up a meeting with me so I could press charges. They apologised during this meaning. It turned out during this meeting, I couldn't press charges at all that day, and needed to go to a different station.
Blog about it:

- It took 2 extra meetings and 4 hours total at a different police station (Roermond, the Netherlands) before finally, charges were pressed.

- In the first update I received about my police case, I was told they could not locate my rapist. Neither in Bulgaria, but also not in the UK. Strangely, they couldn't locate his family in the UK either at the address I provided: the address I visited myself. The police told me if I had more evidence that could help them with the investigation, I should contact them; but that for now, the case was put on hold.

- Within 24 hours I located the location of my own rapist, based on one of his recent youtube videos in which you could see his apartment, and an advertisement of this apartment on Facebook. It proved he lived in Sofia, Bulgaria.

- Within 24 hours, the police responded they were not going to do anything with this information.

- I contacted the Dutch national Ombudsman and filed a complaint against the police. The police did not reply.

- I got in touch with the NRC; a Dutch newspaper from the Netherlands, who started to research my story, my rapist, and police failure regarding my police case.

- Because of all the police failure already in January 2017, I had recorded all police conversations between the police and myself. I presented these conversations to the journalists of NRC to prove the police failure in my case: that I had to trace my own rapist for them, because they couldn't find them, and that the police had treated me not very friendly.

- I e-mailed the national Ombudsman about my communication with the journalists, and told the NO that I had recorded police conversations to prove failure. I asked the NO to bring this to the attention of the police to trigger a response to my complaint.

- November 3 2017: Finally, the Dutch police responded, after hearing about the journalists who were looking into my case, and the recorded police conversations. They had made a new decision: the case would be sent to Bulgaria, so the police there could investigate it. What happened in the Netherlands however, they weren't going to investigate in this part of the case, because they thought the burden of proof would be difficult, and the most severe parts of the case happened in Bulgaria anyway, and this part would be send to the Bulgarian authorities. In the e-mail reply, which was a reply to a complaint regarding the police, the police made a mistake AGAIN: they referred to my rapist as someone with the Bulgarian nationality, while my rapist has the English nationality, and only lives in Bulgaria due to school. Evidence:

- Again, I filed a complaint against the police for making a decision in a case, based on false information (that my rapist was Bulgarian). They dropped this complaint based on the 'fact' that the case was this being 'investigated' (aka sent to another country). They found a loophole once again, to not reply to a rape victim, and all police failure in my case.

- I offered the police all my recordings of the police calls, to prove failure, but they refused to download it and listen to it.

In December 2017, due to all of this, I was able to tell my story to Dutch lawyer Richard Korver, who agreed to take on my case pro deo, and to essentially file a complaint against the Dutch police for dropping the Dutch part of the case, while there was enough evidence to investigate this case.

Richard Korver will represent me in my rape case against Exurb1a and will file an article 12 procedure (as we call it in the Netherlands) so we can directly present my Dutch case in court.

However, Exurb1a has just made it public he's going after me legally. My pro-deo lawyer does not cover this situation, so I am in danger of being financially ruined by my own rapist for naming him, if the police fail to convict him.

Exurb1a has refused to make a statement since all this happened. He has used his online communities in a very manipulative and subtle way to drive hate my way.


His original threat to make a statement about me, was bluff, to keep me quiet.

I'm working on a 45 minute exposing all of this.

I'm hereby asking, for people to drop financial support towards my rapist, because financial support towards him, will be used to legally sue me. If you financially support Exurb1a, you are a direct threat to me, because the money you give him, will be used against me.

I'm also hereby asking the public to support me financially in my legal case. This is an incredibly humiliating thing to do, but I feel like my hands are tied, and all I can do now, is ask for help.

I spoke out because I was forced to and to warn others. I'm now asking you: please, help me, for trying to do the right thing. I can't do this alone. I need your help.

All money donated will directly go into my legal case to defend myself against my rapist, and to try and have him prosecuted. 

If the police fails to convict my rapist (look up rape conviction statistics: many rapists walk free), he can sue me for defamation and slander. If the police fails me in my rape case, my rapist can DENY everything. I think this is why Exurb1a is also staying silent (and why people should demand a statement from him). My rapist should be challenged to make a statement before trial; so in case he DOES get convicted, everyone will know he lied, if he denied my claims before trial. 

So please, if you have the time, read all the resources I've provided, and please consider supporting my cause and consider sharing it.


1. My rapist got famous by stealing images of another woman, impersonating this woman in a video and fatshaming this woman.

2.Possible lie exposed by my rapist

My rapist claimed to have worked for The European Organization for Nuclear Research also known as CERN. CERN has no evidence of him ever working there.


3. Quote Rapist Exurb1a:  I once told you I generally don't initiate anything, I just deviously put people in situations where they have to instead, and I look innocent.

4. Pressed charges for libel and slander against Exurb1a and a friend of him. 

5. Pressed charges for threats against Exurb1a's sister.

6. Short statement about Exurb1a: does not display third party advertisements because we believe information and knowledge that informs or protects the public, should be (clutter)free.

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Exurb1a violated the bro code and stuck his d1ck in crazy

Exurb1a violated the bro code and stuck his d1ck in crazy

My rapist youtuber Exurb1a is 'going after me legally'. I need help.

My rapist youtuber Exurb1a is 'going after me legally'. I need help.