Expose men using women's careers, sexual violence and blackmail to silence them (youtuber Exurb1a exposed)

This is what you don't see. Unless we manage to capture it. Unless we show you. Unless you open your eyes, and listen, when we scream.

So open your eyes.

Supporting #MeToo by exposing men in position of power, who use women's professional careers, harassment, blackmail and sexual violence, to control and manipulate and bully women in order to silence them.

This is a video of Exurb1a, my ex-coworker and ex-partner I worked with (+650.000 subscribers on youtube, his fans attacked me when I spoke out and sent me messages like 'Kill yourself', 'whore', 'psychotic bitch', etc), where I'm exposing him for the liar and abuser he is.

Exurb1a assaulted and raped me while he was drunk, and then blackmailed and threatened me to keep me quiet about it, while I was hospitalised for acute stress disorder and depression due to what happened.

He said he would tell people I was hospitalised for other reasons if I wouldn't stay silent: that I was 'psychotic' and 'crazy' and 'telling lies'. So I felt forced to publicly release everything about myself, everything he threatened to use against me to ruin my career and assassinate my character. Every personal detail about myself suddenly felt like something I had to share publicly, because otherwise, he would flip it around and use if against me.

He came over to visit me inside the hospital, took me out of the hospital while I was on very heavy medication, sexually assaulted me again, and then tried to use it against me.

Quote Exurb1a December, when he harassed and threatened me (I didn't manage to record this unfortunately):

"If you speak out online, my fans will tear you apart, nobody will believe you. My fans are red pill loving misogynists." - Exurb1a


"Nobody will tell you this, and I will deny this if you ever quote me, but BECAUSE you are a woman you ARE being treated differently." - Exurb1a


"For your own sake. My fans will tear you apart. You will become a target. My fans will hunt you down. I've apologised, let's just forget all of this. Let's just, talk, and make the podcasts. You worked so hard on this." - Exurb1a

The result of everything that happened, was that I spent 7 months inside a hospital from 2016-2017 due to (online) harassment from Exurb1a and his fans as well.

I had to press charges against his own sister for threatening me, press charges against one of his friends for libel & slander, locate my own rapist for the police because they 'couldn't find him', and spent months communicating with police, the Dutch National Ombudsman, lawyers etc about this situation.

For 2018, I'm planning to expose the whole case & all the police failure that happened along the way (I've recorded many police calls which proves how much they failed me), and what victims of sexual assault have to go through to get justice.

You can read my complete statement regarding youtuber Exurb1a here:…/hospital-and-mental-health-…

I hope by speaking out, I will encourage other victims of sexual assault and abuse to speak out too.

Especially if your abuser tries to use your career against you, and tries to ruin you, please remember: they are wrong. They are the rotten apple in the basket, abusing power, to silence victims.

You are not wrong for exposing it.

You are not alone. Keep raising your voice. We won't be silenced.

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