Exurb1a is a liar and abuser. Here's proof.

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[Update October 2017: I went offline for 2 months due to online harassment, and came back to find out people were spreading lies online I had killed myself. Also, Exurb1a had most audio and video evidence I put online to warn people about him, deleted. Someone uploaded a mirror of this video. See below.]

Watch Exurb1a video.

This video shows the break-up video I recorded where Exurb1a admits physical abuse. In the video put in-between, is a recording of a phone conversation I had with Exurb1a while I was hospitalised (I recorded it due to harassment). This happened after he visited me in the hospital, and sexually assaulted me again: He tried to pin it on me so he could threaten me further and make my first allegations seem like 'lies'. He also denied the abuse before happened, of which, unfortunately for Exurb1a, I could prove was a lie. He didn't know I recorded the break-up conversation (I recorded it to protect myself).

The full phone conversation from the hospital was shared on my livestream video about the abuse.

44:47 - A friend witness who tells about the day Exurb1a visited me inside the hospital and how he saw us fighting for example:

It's followed by a short explanation I give about the next footage I'm showing next (the full hospital recorded phone call after Alex came over).

56:52 - Hospital harassment and Exurb1a lies, full phone conversation; ends with a nurse telling Exurb1a I need to go (she helped me set boundaries, I was really bad at this). -

The livestream is cut off at the end (youtube didn't save that part it seems). Exurb1a tried to have this video deleted from youtube too. He failed to have it deleted, however, it was blocked in some countries still: does not display third party advertisements because we believe information and knowledge that informs or protects the public, should be (clutter)free.

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