Exurb1a: The Prince of Lies

Exurb1a: The Prince of Lies

I remember I was a good human being once

You wrote it down

In black and white


You called me Kind

Alex aka Exurb1a, sending the manuscript of The Prince of Milk on Skype, on August 25, 2016.

What you really meant was





Never suspecting

People would lie

The original manuscript of the Prince of Milk (which was released in 2017), with the original dedication he had planned for it. After Exurb1a assaulted and raped me the first time in October 2016, he threatened and blackmailed me into silence when he found out I was planning to press charges against him, until I spoke out in January 2017 to break his power over me, and to warn other people about him. Between October 2016 and January 2017, Exurb1a tried to leave a pattern behind that he had been good to me and that I was insane: he started spreading lies about me, while he tried to dedicate his second book to me still. I forbade him to do it when I found out what he was doing.


The perfect victim

For the perfect crime

'And lastly, this book is for Pie. Thank you for being a star to sail by, and for your kindness too. It means the world, and some days more than that.'

Prince of Lies

I no longer cry

For those who are looking for your statement

It is above

In black and white

Your honest opinion

About me

Before you raped me

Before I told you

I was pressing charges against you

For all you had done


The truth



You have been hiding

Prince of lies



Alexander McKechnie

Alex Escher


You can change your name

But is does not change the facts

You raped me

Abused me

Threatened and blackmailed me

Said your friends would kill me

If I would speak

and break silence


You tried to kill me

You tried to push me 

over the edge

into death

Alas for you

I survived

 I am still



Set your sails monster

For I am the rising storm

Coming for you:

Prince of lies

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