My rapist and I were collaborating, Susan Wojcicki. #TIMESUPYOUTUBE

This video is not monetised. 95% of my videos are not anymore since I spoke out (only enough to pay for my hosting/website.) 

You probably would not guess that the story behind a video that ends with a kiss, would end up to be one about rape, assault, abuse of power, blackmail and threats.

I will not be silenced anymore. Not be my own rapist Exurb1a, but also not by youtube.

Hi Susan Wojcicki. You're the CEO of YouTube. Also hi to Jack Conte, CEO of Patreon. Hi to anyone reading this. I would like to bring this to your attention.

Susan, Youtube, you encourage youtubers to work together. You even have a wonderful program about it. But where are you, when we youtubers, end up in a hospital due to those collaborations? For 7 months?

For example, because we are raped, assaulted, threatened, blackmailed and harassed due to those collaborations? When we feel forced to speak out and warn people about other youtubers, and get attacker and receive death threats and whatnot?

Oh and Susan.. This doesn't only happen if you get raped and assaulted and speak out about another youtuber, because you feel forced to, due to blackmail and threats. Sometimes just being a woman and leaving a comment on youtube, can result into this:

You've even blocked my video where I speak out about rape and abuse in some countries. My video, about youtuber Exurb1a.

Youtube has blocked my video in some countries. A video where I talk about rape, abuse, blackmail and threats, after collaborating with another youtuber.

Something many people don't understand, is that I met youtuber Exurb1a (Alex to me) through youtube, to work with him. Only after we started collaborating together on many different projects, a serious romantic relationship also developed.

Because we were working together and because I was planning to audition for the National Film and Television School in London in 2018, we agreed I'd make a documentary about our collaboration to, of Exurb1a and myself working together. This documentary I'd turn into my audition film for the NFTS (which I had already visited an open day of in London, and had been my 5 year plan to work towards to - that audition).

Due to this, and being in documenting modus during the whole part of our relationship, when the relationship went south when he became violent when drunk (he regularly abused alcohol), unfortunately this became a part of the documentary. Me ending up in the hospital also, and Exurb1a who ending up blackmailing and threatening me there to keep me quiet about abuse/rape, too, while I was hospitalised with acute stress disorder and depression, due to rape and abuse.

Some things are unforgivable. What Exurb1a did to me, was unforgivable. As long as he's not in jail (my lawyer and I are working on it - there was tremendous amount of police failure in my case - see links below) - I will keep warning people about this predator. Even when YouTube makes it difficult for me to talk about it, and keeps trying to delete my videos, or censor them.

To the CEO of Youtube, Susan, in case you happen to come across this post:

I've pressed charges against youtuber Exurb1a (Alex McKechnie) for:

1 account of rape (happened in Bulgaria)
1 account of assault (happened in Bulgaria)
1 account of sexual assault (happened in the Netherlands after I was hospitalised after rape/assault, while I was hospitalised)
Harassment, Stalking, Threats, Blackmail and Libel & Slander.

I've pressed charges against Exurb1a's sister for threatening me, pressed charges against Exurb1a's friend Simona Kovacheva for libel & slander, and am in process of pressing charges against Jack Bloomfield (threats) and pressing charges against online anonymous accounts for libel & slander, death threats, etc. 

If you want to know what happened with Exurb1a, I recommend to check the following resources:

1. My statement
2. My case 
3. Expose video

Important: to fully understand the expose video in 3, read the above resources too.

Youtube encourages youtubers to collaborate with other youtubers (in other words, work with strangers). When we get raped/assaulted as a result of those collaborations however, and harassed and attacked online when we speak out, they barely do anything to help us. They even censor rape stories online when we speak out, or delete our videos, because our predators request them to.

- People who attack us are rarely banned from youtube.
- People often quickly delete there messages, so we see them, but can't report them.
- When we report these messages, youtube will message us back that they 'can't find any violation'.
- It's not possible to speak with a human being on the phone at the youtube 'help desk'.
- It's not possible to send printscreens to youtube to prove harassment.
- It's almost impossible to communicate with youtube via e-mail. The system to report any problem to youtube is so difficult to get through, many people find themselves speaking to a automatic 'bot' (e-mailing system).
- Youtube's advices you to 'go to the police' in some cases. A solution that often proves it doesn't work or help at all.
- Youtube fails to take responsibility to protect its own community and members.
- Youtube allows rapists and abusers on their platform, to make money on their platform.


12 year old Josh started a petition to get Exurb1a off youtube. It has almost 700 signatures already. 

I started a petition to address the issues on youtube that leaves youtubers incredibly unprotected. It also addresses the issue that platform Patreon allows rapists on their platform.

Patreon, is a platform where creators such as youtubers can receive money for the content they create.

Fans can subscribe to this platform and give donations to a creator who has a Patreon account there. In return, the creator will make content for his fans. Before fans donate money, they are told what they are paying for. Fans can report Patreon campaigns that don't follow the Patreon Community Guidelines.

Patreon regularly allows creators with shady Patreon campaigns to make money on their platform. Patreon gets a cut of every dime a creator makes through their platform, and barely monitors their creators, unless the media riots about campaigns that shouldn't be on Patreon.

- Patreon allows rapists and abusers on their platform to make money and get donations from fans and helps empower these abusers.

- Patreon allows abusers who in a manipulative way influence their fans to attack their rape victim (who spoke out) on their platform.

- Patreon allows my rapist, whom I worked with, who blackmailed me to keep me quiet about assault and rape, still on their platform.

- My rapist receives almost 3000 dollar in donations on Patreon.

- My rapist's fans paid for my rapist's flight ticket, so he could visit me inside the hospital, after he had assaulted and raped me already, and sexually assaulted me again while we were outside the hospital.

- My rapist has made it known in a private conversation with another creator (who told the me) that he's going after me legally (because I named him), using his fans donations on Patreon for this. The majority of his fans don't know he's using their money for this purpose.

- Patreon has not informed this creator's fans of this, while sharing tweets on twitter such as “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

If you want to help spread this message, please send this blog to Susan, CEO of youtube, or JACK, CEO OF PATREON.

Youtube's CEO Susan's twitter can be found here. #TIMESUPYOUTUBE

Patreon's CEO Jack's twitter can be found here.