Power Dynamics.

Power Dynamics.

What do you hear? Yanny or Laurel with a twist. It's all about power dynamics.

This video may be triggering for survivors.

After a Reddit post about the audio clip 'Yanny and Laurel' featured in this video went viral, people online started asking (and explaining) what others heard.

Yanny Or Laurel? Power Dynamics is an awareness video about rape statistics however, and why victim's rarely get justice. 

The question in the beginning of this video (What do you hear?) is a trick question and the video is an experiments on its own.

The video is about fear. It's a rape-awareness video. It's about the subtle power dynamics between victims and rapists, and how rapists manipulate and abuse their victims to stay silent. It's about sexual violence, he said / she said, victim blaming and how victims are treated in society.

The statistics used in this video:


823 reported rapes in Northern Ireland (UK) in 1 year with just 15 people convicted. (1.82%).

1745 reported rapes in the West Midlands (UK) in 1 year with just 174 people convicted. (9.97%)

1205 reported rapes in Avon and Somerset (UK) in 1 year with just 86 people convicted. (7.14%)

131 reported rapes in Limburg (The Netherlands) in 1 year with just 3 people convicted. (2.29%)

The average statistics concerning rape convictions throughout the world are that between 85 and 95% of victims who press charges, never see their rapist end up in jail. 

Who is 'Funny Pumpkins'? The controversial Redditor and user of the /r/exurb1a subreddit who messaged me some explicit, strange and very rude things on my blog, concerning the Exurb1a situation?

In this interview with co-host Daniel we talk to a self titled ‘internet asshole‘ (troll) about morals, the man who raped me, and online violence.

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