Citizen’s Investigator and OSINT

On a daily basis, we speak with, guide and advice victims whose lives have been ruined by their abusers. We create free content to inform, educate and protect the public based on the stories and experiences of the victims and/or witnesses we speak with.

PhotoandGrime has a growing network with connections that includes survivors, activists, journalists and people in the public eye. PhotoandGrime is about community and collaboration. We try to connect people who can help each other. We are here to listen, advice and help where we can, and in all cases prior to 2019, we have done so for free. We plan to stay a non-profit focused platform as much as possible and keep providing free help where we can. Supporters of PhotoandGrime are helping us do this by donations, collaborations and offering their public support, network and resources to us.

Pieke Roelofs/ helped me for free and has contacted journalists who published lies about me and successfully convinced them to adjust their articles.
— Actress Sand Van Roy

Many victims, little time

The private stories we receive from people all over the world concerning sexual violence, stalking, abuse and police failure, have massively increased since 2018. From youtubers who have been accused of raping minors, to an actor accused of child molestation, to victims raped by people not in the public eye: we are receiving these stories, have been trying to support the victims, and where possible, we are investigating. Some of the investigations we’ve been doing are not public yet, and have been going on for months. These investigations cost time and money, and we’re glad to say more people have started to both financially and publicly support our cause. Every little bit helps, and the donations we’ve been receiving are slowly starting to cover a portion of our costs.

“When you follow the white rabbit, you might find out the rabbit is not a rabbit at all. In the shining light of justice, nothing will remain hidden forever. Even the monsters disguised as rabbits.”


Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is data such as videos, audio files and social media photographs and habits of a person or party, collected from publicly available sources to be used in an intelligent context. 

In an OSINT investigation a client marks a target that needs to be investigated concerning their digital life and habits. Usually the client has a question about the target, that the OSINT report tries to answer through publicly available resources, and sometimes private information provided by the client. For example:

  • Is this person a risk to my company, family or life?

  • Has target lied about x?

  • Can you prove this information I have on target is true?

  • Is this person reliable?

  • What is known about this person?

  • Who is connected to target? tries to advice and help victims of (psychological) abuse for free as much as possible.

However, we encourage you if you need a lot of help, especially in a short amount of time, to pay for an OSINT report. If you need hours of help and advice, by paying for an OSINT report you help fund activism and the (OSINT) advice we already give for free, especially to victims who can’t pay for it.

If you cannot pay for an OSINT report, please respect that we are always helping victims that need urgent attention and support immediately (and in the majority of the cases we do this for free), so sometimes it will take some time to answer you.

If you would like to request an OSINT report on a target when you need our immediate help and full attention, please get in touch.

I have never met Pieke, but I feel I can call her a friend. I reached out to her after seeing one of her tweets explaining her experience with sexual violence, I wanted to offer kindness and let her know she wasn’t alone. I had no idea that she would actually end up supporting me and being the light during a very dark period of my life. The compassion she has for other human beings is huge. It’s what makes her such a true fighter because she generally wants to help others and combat injustice for those who need it with little to no benefit for herself.

She showed me kindness and help when no one else was there, added me to an online support group, and offered me advice through my rape case which was invaluable.
When i found out my case wasn’t going to court she took the time to explain to me my options, never once being judgemental. Pieke is a force to be reckoned with and a wealth of knowledge. I hope everyone going through a court case or recovering from sexual violence is lucky enough to know someone like her.
— Lucy Nevitt of The Gemini Project

High-Profile Cases

If you are a victim in a high-profile situation or victim of a public person concerning (sexual) abuse, defamation and/or police corruption, and need advice, please reach out. In case we can help and expose the abuse publicly to inform and warn the public, we work for free.

In case you are in a high-profile case however and need immediate support, and the abuse cannot be exposed publicly, and it’s financially possible for you, we will ask you since 2019 to pay for our advice and help when a thorough investigation is requested that concerns more than 2 hours of work.

By asking high-profile victims with financial stability to pay for extended advice and help in case we cannot expose the abuse publicly, we can continue advising and helping (anonymous) victims who have no funds to get advice/help, for free.

When you are a high-profile victim with financial resources and pay for our help, you are funding activism and helping other victims, as well as yourself.

Areas we advice and help in based on our own experiences and those of others, relating to victims of sexual, physical and psychological violence:

  • Sexual violence reporting and collecting evidence

  • Targeted harassment and stalking by abusers

  • Identifying, analysing and collecting evidence of abusers and their techniques

  • Identifying, analysing and collecting evidence of slander and defamation through the media

  • Identifying, analysing and collecting evidence of targeted harassment campaigns through social engineering, propaganda and slander

  • Identifying and analysing complicity of third parties in the abuse

  • How to protect yourself from abusers

  • Reputation Protection

  • Contact with the media


  • Serving as a shock-witness in case you need to trust someone with important information. As a shock-witness we can repeat what you told us at a specific time and date at a later point, if needed, publicly or in a court of law.


We will not stay silent.