Sponsor PhotoandGrime.com

As an activistic platform, there are specific things we need to be able to share our work with the world. You can carry our costs with us by donating exactly what we need. On this page you can find products we need to pay for soon, or pay for annually, that you can sponsor for us.

Below you can pick something you want to donate to PhotoandGrime. If it’s a physical product, we’ll buy it after your donation and share a picture of it on Twitter - and if you don’t mind, we’d gladly mention who donated it to us :)!

(Last updated March 2019)

What we need right now:

  • Bags of coffee beans! Lots of them. You can never donate enough coffee.

  • Domain and hosting (Squarespace is our website builder, check out their pricing plans on their website to get an idea of our costs)

  • Sennheiser RS 160 replacement ear pads (30 dollar)

  • Lacie external harddrive 2 TB (108 dollar)

  • Lacie external harddrive 4 TB (180 dollar)

Donate something!