If you came here from Reddit and are a sheep who believes anything up-voted by the accounts that have been stalking and harassing me for two years:

  • I was doxxed by Exurb1a and his fans. Do your research.

  • My son and family were smeared online and doxxed as well, because I warned the public.

  • Due to my Moral Code & Cookie Policy, I’ve been able to file multiple police reports against those who’ve been targeting me, for speaking out. Below an example of the most recent abuse I’ve received and took action against.

  • People I’ve been able to file reports against included pedophiles - Sorry, not sorry.

  • I have been receiving death threats for 2 years.

  • The police have been looking for Exurb1a.

  • I am not Exurb1a’s only victim.

  • Find out who the other victims are.

  • Ask how old the youngest person was he ‘allegedly’ abused.

  • If you know, you will understand why I’ve been warning people about Exurb1a.

Moral Code & Cookie Policy

PhotoandGrime.com doesn't display third party advertisements on this website since 2017.
This is because since 2017, I've been speaking out against my abuser publicly on my website, and I do not wish to make money through speaking out against him. (If you want to show support, you can buy my a coffee instead:)

The only place you may find third party advertisements, are in the blogs featuring youtube videos. Of the PhotoandGrime channel, less than 8 videos feature advertisements. These advertisements pay for my website and domain hosting. I'm only monetising enough videos to pay for the costs I'm making.

To protect the website, and the author of the website, PhotoandGrime.com uses cookies. 

A cookie is a small piece of data that a website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. The cookie allows the website to "remember" your actions or preferences over time. Most browsers support cookies, but users can set their browsers to decline them and can delete them whenever they like.

If you violate the law*, participate in spreading hate and/or lies on PhotoandGrime.com, abuse the website, and/or spread lies about PhotoandGrime.com and the author behind the website, and there's evidence against you, the authorities and/or third parties will be informed and your information* might be publicly blacklisted. 

If you're only here to read articles, have no bad intentions, and do not participate in illegal activities online, you have nothing to worry about. PhotoandGrime.com's abuse-system has been set to only flag specific behaviour. Any IP address flagged, banned or handed over to the police or a third party, will first be manually reviewed by a person of flesh and blood, so this is no automatic process. 

By using PhotoandGrime.com, you agree to the Cookie Policy, and that your information may be shared with third parties, in case you violate the law.


* reviewed. april 20, 2018.

I hereby declare the website PhotoandGrime.com as an independent digital country, connected to the world via the highway called the internet, and other social media.

When you enter this website, you are aware of the Moral Code & Cookie Policy of this independent digital country, and agree to accept the rules attached to entering and leaving this independent digital country.

All scumbags will be exposed.

Save the bees!


Further clarification of the Moral Code & Cookie Policy on PhotoandGrime.com,

added November 1, 2017:

PhotoandGrime.com is a public space where I, Pieke Roelofs, exercise my freedom of speech.

I use PhotoandGrime.com as a non-commercial, educational platform, to connect to other creatives and people interested in the same topics I am interested in, and to educate those who are interested (the public) in the information I'm sharing here, about a variety of topics.

Most topics I write about are not very sensitive: photography, science, and poetry for example. However, mental health, public health, sexual violence, and the stories about my rapist, which I decided to publicly share, are sensitive topics, for which people have tried silencing me.

Due to this, I've had to take great measures to protect myself. One of these measures, is the Moral Code & Cookie policy on my website.

I do not agree with the EU cookie law as it does not protect victims of harassment, who fear for their own safety and lives, and have few tools to protect themselves. In fact, the EU cookie law protects malicious website visitors more, than they actually deserve.

Since the police have failed me before, and have failed to protect me and have failed to take measures against my attackers so far, I decided to take measures in my own hands, and write my own Moral Code & Cookie policy.

Therefore, PhotoandGrime does not recognise the EU cookie law and your privacy when it comes to those violating the Moral Code & Cookie policy on PhotoandGrime.

In other words: If you are a visitor on PhotoandGrime and send me threats, hate or spread lies/slander about me, online, or offline, violate the law in any way, online, or offline, or have found my website by stalking me or harassing me, and I have evidence against you, all your information may be publicly shared with third parties. For example, on my website, on Twitter, on Facebook, with the police, etc. I might press charges against you.

Information that could be shared with third parties may include:
- Your real name,
- Your e-mail address
- The IP address and location you used to access my website
- The device you used to access my website, and language set on the device you used
- The referral you used to find my website/content
- The keywords you used to find my website/content
- Which service provider you used while accessing my website
- Which pages you visited on my website, for how long, and at what times & dates
- Which torrents you have downloaded that are publicly visible on http://iknowwhatyoudownload.com.
- Any information publicly available about you, taken from public sources like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for example.
- Any link you have to any person that has harassed me before, might be shared and exposed publicly as well.

If it turns out the IP address you used to access my website has been blacklisted for downloading/distributing child pornography on http://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/, this may be made public as well, solemnly for the fact that your IP has been flagged for allegedly participating in an online crime. All evidence supporting this could be shared as well.

In case I find out your IP address has been linked to allegedly downloading/distributing child pornography, and in case I find out your real name, I will try to reach out to communicate this to you. Child pornography is a serious issue, and some people don't know their internet might be used to download/distribute it.

If you deny downloading/distributing said alleged child pornography while there is evidence your IP address might be linked to it, and you refuse to report this/your IP address to the police to have the issue investigated to find out who used the IP address (this could stop predators!), I might share your information publicly with third parties, due to failing to report a possible crime. 

If you only use PhotoandGrime.com as an educational platform and have not committed any crimes - you have nothing to worry about. Your information is safe and will not be shared with third parties. I automatically have all IPs that haven't been flagged deleted after 1 week.

Why did I take all these measures:

  • I need to protect myself and my family.

  • I was raped, abused, blackmailed and threatened and harassed by my rapist, who has over half a million fans on youtube.

  • I worked together with my rapist, so my name has been linked to him.

  • When I spoke out about my rapist after he blackmailed and threatened me to keep me quiet, his fans started sending me messages saying I should kill myself, while I was hospitalised for acute stress disorder and depression.

  • My rapist 'joked' before his friends were going to kill me.

  • When I told my rapist I couldn't be his friend anymore, he asked if I knew he 'once set fire on a woman's computer'.

  • My rapist's family/friends and fans started stalking, harassing and threatening me when I spoke out about him.

  • I had to press charges against the sister of my rapist for threatening me.

  • I'm in the process of pressing charges against my rapist and some of his friends, for slander and defamation as well.

  • Currently, my website is my best weapon to protect myself. Through is I can trace people who spread lies and slander about me or threaten me.


If you don't like these measures, then maybe you are up to no good. In such case, I recommend to not use my website. 

If you do, and I find out you're malicious, I will use all tools in my power to expose you and press charges against you.

So be warned. I will protect myself. I won't be silenced anymore.