Citizen’s Investigator

As a Citizen’s Investigator, on a daily basis, we speak with, guide and advice victims whose lives have been ruined by abusers. We create content to inform, educate and protect the public based on the stories and experiences of the victims and/or witnesses we speak with.

PhotoandGrime has a growing network with connections that includes survivors, activists, journalists and people in the public eye. We try to connect people who can help each other. We are here to listen and help when we can, and in the majority of cases we do this for free.

High-Profile Cases

If you are a victim in a high-profile situation concerning sexual abuse, defamation and/or police corruption, and need advice, please reach out. In case we can help and expose the abuse publicly, we work for free.

In case you need need confidentiality and the abuse cannot be exposed, and it’s financially possible for you, we will ask you to pay for our advice and help when a thorough investigation is requested that concerns more than 2 hours of work.

By asking victims with financial stability to pay for extended advice and help, we can continue advising and helping the victims who have no funds to get advice/help.

PhotoandGrime is about community and collaboration. Areas we advice, help and investigate in:

  • Filing a police report in case of sexual abuse and collecting evidence

  • Stalking, online harassment and defamation concerning sexual abuse survivors

  • Identifying and analyzing (potential) threats to your name and brand

  • Identifying and analyzing abusers and their techniques to harass and defame victims

  • Reputation Protection

Help them, and get help yourself.