Would you like to participate in a #PieChat and talk about any of the topics below? 

  • Activism
  • Sexual violence and #MeToo
  • Domestic violence and partner abuse
  • Discrimination and/or racism
  • Living with a (mental) disability, illness or mental health problems
  • Bullying, stalking, harassment and psychological abuse
  • Trolling and online violence
  • Current news related to these topics

You can do so by subscribing to PhotoandGrime on youtube, or by becoming a guest on one of the livestreams. Please reach out if you are interested in being a guest!

During a #PieChat we will livestream. I will interview you and together we will have a conversation about multiple important (activistic) topics close to each other which we will discuss and pick beforehand. Others will be able to watch the livestream and can participate by asking questions in a chatroom. The video will stay online later for others who want to watch it too and will not be edited. You can do the livestream either with a microphone alone, or with a microphone and webcam so people can see you too. 

If you would like to speak anonymously about something, this is possible if we would pre-record the conversation and I would change your voice digitally after the conversation. Please keep in mind that conversations will not be edited except for hiding your identity.

By participating in a #PieChat you can share your opinion, feelings and/or story about different topics. By talking about these topics with me we can raise awareness on different issues and encourage discussion about it.

Apply to be a guest below!

Give a short introduction about who you are and what topics you are interested in talking about.
I am interested in the following topics: *
Pick topics you are interested in discussing.
Do you have specific mental health problems you wouldn't mind to discusss? *
For example, because you have been diagnosed with these mental health problems, or have experience with others who have these mental health problems:
Are you a victim of sexual violence and would you want to share your story or talk about this? *
Which of these words do you identify with the most?

Forms will be used to plan upcoming livestreams, or to find participants interest in livestreams with specific topics.