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Let's talk about predators on Youtube and the movements started to expose them. In this livestream I will talk with Vivek about abusers on youtuber: from Chris Ingham to Exurb1a, to VeeOneEye, to Christopher Prusa. We will discuss #NoRoomToGroomOnYoutube and #MeTooYoutube, #TimesUpYoutube, and what needs to change inside this community, to keep people safe.
In this livestream I will speak with Joel and Ryan about what it means to be autistic and how being on the spectrum can make people with autism vulnerable to abuse. Joel has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS (A form of autism) and Ryan has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Amily is a transgender woman (pre-op/no-op) from America who suffers from PTSD as a result of childhood sexual abuse. In this livestream Amily and I will discuss her history of abuse and what happened to those who abused her, her hobbies, and how she tries to survive PTSD and the ghosts from her past.

The court date for the Exurb1a rape case is known. In this livestream I talk with Vivek Rajkhowa about what’s going on.

In this livestream I will talk with Emily. Emily is from Canada and a Child Sexual Abuse victim and activist in the #MeToo movement. Emily and I will talk about her own experience with childhood sexual abuse, the failing legal system, how her trauma ripped her family apart, and how eventually she found love again.

In this livestream Katie and I are going to chat about #MeToo, Repeal the 8th, #hometovote, abortion rights, sexual violence, victim blaming, #Whorunsthebots, and more.

'Funny Pumpkins' thinks Exurb1a tried to make me die by suicide through online harassment, which he vocalises after admitting he targeted me himself online. This is an interview with a self-titled 'internet-asshole' (troll) about Exurb1a, his targeted harassment, online violence, trolling and more. Co-host during this livestream (visible on webcam) is Daniel Hodge.
Livestream about the /r/exurb1a subreddit, the Exurb1a discord channel, and the users (Hi Swiipe!) who like to incite violence on a rape victim (me) and very much seem to qualify as low key incels who run a rapist support cult.
Interview with feminist and youtuber Michelle Guido! A chat about online violence (#whorunsthebots), feminism, trolls, targeted harassment, rape victims, the legal system and much more. In this interview we talk about the threats and hate Michelle has been receiving online, anonymity, the complicity of Reddit and Youtube/Google, and why 'trolls' are cowards.

Let's talk politics with journalist Vivek Rajkhowa! In this livestream we're going to discuss racism, online violence, and sexual violence. We'll talk about UK politics and current events. From grooming gangs to Meghan Markle, to Black Lives Matter and online trolls.

Would you like to participate in a #PieChat with me to talk about important topics? Let me know!

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