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Free content, because knowledge and information should be accessible to everyonE.

I think we can learn a lot from each other's experiences. When I want to learn something new about a topic I know little about, I often first read blogs or articles from other independent writers, to learn more about their experience, knowledge, perspective and research on the topic.

In the past, this taught me a lot about topics like the failing justice system for example, autism, mental health and sexual violence. 

When I started to write about these topics myself and changed the direction of in January 2017, after I spoke out about abuse and rape from a public person, I decided I wanted to make my content freely available too. Just like others had been making their content available to me in the past.

I took pretty much all advertisements off my YouTube videos due to it - which were hosted on my website too - and only kept about 8 videos monetised still, not related to activism, to pay for my website hosting & domain.

This caused a financial loss, but in my opinion, I needed to do this, so I could take myself and my own activism serious. I didn't want to make money from my old videos if my views increased due to speaking out.

So, at, I do not display third party advertisements because before anything else, I'm an activist. I believe the topics I write about are important and deserve to be clutter-free and the information I share should be accessible to anyone.

If you want to support my writing, research and activism, you can do so by sharing my work, by talking about the topics I try to address, or, by sending a donation in the shape of a coffee to show your appreciation.

Your donation will help me to:

  • Pay for my website* and domain costs
    * I use Squarespace as a website builder. See their pricing plans for websites here.
  • Pay for coffee to help me write :-) 
  • Pay for my Legal Insurance and lawyer costs
  • Set up new projects to fight sexual violence
  • Fight for justice and expose injustice and failing systems
  • Write in-depth articles about sexual violence, the failing legal system, autism and mental health

I'm active on Twitter a lot and use all of my platforms to amplify the voices of other victims and activists. I do not accept advertisement deals anymore since January 2017, and I've refused many since then related to activism.

If you want to collaborate with me in any way, share your story, or would like me to investigate injustice, feel free to reach out.