Blue UV Glow in the Dark Drinks

What do you serve at a blacklight party? Blue glow drinks, obviously! In this video I will show you which drinks - that you can buy straight from the store - will actually glow blue in the dark in ultraviolet light, one might surprise you!

Can you tell by looking at these 6 drinks which of them will glow in blacklight? You probably can't, unless you know that quinine is UV reactive; the main ingredient in Tonic for example! Quinine it what gives Tonic its bitter taste as well. As medication, quinine is also used to prevent and treat malaria. So not only does it glow in the dark, it also has 'special' powers ;).

Of the six drinks I just showed, Tonic isn't the only one that contains Quinine. Another drink from the row has it as an ingredient as well! Find out in the video which one!