UV Glow in the Dark Foam Recipe

Time to get dirty with magical rainbow glow foam! In this DIY video I will show you how to make the UV reactive foam, that will glow in the dark in blacklight (ultraviolet light). Use it in sensory play activities, as eye candy, but please, don't eat it! 

For the glow foam you need white shaving cream. You also need UV reactive face paint: I used PaintGlow for this. Pick your favourite colours, and mix them! 

After mixing the shaving cream and UV face paint, it will look like this (depending on the colours you used). In the video you can see how I did it. The glow foam has been one of my favourite recipes to film, cinematography wise! It's quite trippy to look at it (and film it).

Since the shaving foam and face paint are safe to use on your face, you can turn yourself into a glow foam monster with it (for Halloween for example), like I did here. Don't forget to take a shower afterwards!