UV Glow in the Dark Slime Recipe

It's sticky and a bit magical! This UV Glow in the Dark Slime recipe will keep you entertained for hours, and, stuck in the dark. In this DIY video I will show you how to make it.

The slime will only glow in the dark in blacklight (ultraviolet light). It's really easy to make, and takes than 15 minutes to create. It's great to use during sensory play activities for Halloween for example!

You need transparent washable glue (kids glue) for this recipe, and liquid detergent. I used a Dutch brand called Slimme Reus Colour. I've heard you can try Almat Bio Laundry Gel and Liquid Dixan as well. Usually the least eco-friendly detergents for coloured laundry will work. If you've made this recipe with a different detergent brand, let me know, and I will add the brand to the list! 

UV reactive face paint is the ingredient that makes the glow slime UV reactive. I used the face paint from a brand called PaintGlow in this recipe: they have many different colours when it comes to UV paint, wonderful if you want your slime to be a specific colour.  

Estimate how much slime you want, and add about half the amount of glue in a bowl. Add your favourite colour UV face paint, mix, and then slowly add some detergent. Mix your ingredients well, slowly adding a spoonful of detergent every time. While mixing the detergent with the glue and face paint, you go through different stages of glue. Above you can see the most sticky kind.

After a certain amount of glue, you will get stringy slime during mixing. I personally think this kind of slime looks really cool! If you want a more steady, stretchy slime though, stop mixing with a spoon at this point and start to kneading the slime with your hands (maybe add some more detergent). The slime will start to 'melt' together again.

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