Men Respond To Piers Morgan Calling Papooses 'Emasculating'

Why have men the last 24 hours tweeted pictures of themselves with their children strapped on their chest? It’s because Piers Morgen has a problem with papooses. Oh, and also Star Wars, apparently.

It all started when Piers Morgan, an English journalist currently working for television show Good Morning Britain, went after 007-actor Daniel Craig.

After Morgan took a stab at Craig, for carrying a papoose, fathers on Twitter started to respond to his tweets.

Morgan seemed to enjoy the debate, and continued describing how “emasculating, embarrassing & unnecessary” papooses were. He also mentioned he hated Star Wars almost as much as papooses.

Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond
4:07 PM - 16 Oct 2018

Oh I carried all my kids, Leigh.
I just did it with my arms, not a papoose.
12:17 PM - 16 Oct 2018

I just expressed a genuinely held opinion that papooses are emasculating, embarrassing & unnecessary - and the virtue-signalling world’s gone bonkers.
12:20 PM - 16 Oct 2018

No, I hate Star Wars almost as much as papooses.
12:22 PM - 16 Oct 2018
— Piers Morgen, Twitter.

In a series of tweets Piers Morgan claimed that men who used devices such as papooses to carry their babies, only did so because their wives/girlfriends told them to. Morgan says “Imagine being such a loser that it doesn’t upset you”, referring to an image of Daniel Craig carrying his child in a papoose.

Men on Twitter used the opportunity to show off their babies being being carried by them in papooses, and mocked Piers Morgan for the ideas he was trying to put into men’s heads.

Piers Morgan is known for belittling those who call him out by using his fame. He also recently mocked gender identity.

Hi Nadia, I have 6.4m followers, you have 52. So I’d avoid playing the relevancy card if I were you.
9:01 AM - 15 Oct 2018

You’re right, because I’m gender-fluid so currently identifying as Piersina.
8:27 AM - 16 Oct 2018
— Piers Morgan, Twitter.

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