Activism: Let's Change The World

Activism: Let's Change The World

On this page I will share activistic movements, hashtags and projects others can look into and consider to raise awareness on.

This page will be regularly updated with new causes. Please reach out if you would like to suggest a cause to be featured on this page. Click the button below to find out more about how to be an activist.

Last update: December 6, 2018


Sammy Woodhouse was groomed and raped at the age of 15. The man who raped her fathered a child with her, and is now serving 35 years in prison for abusing her and other children.

Even though still in prison, the man who raped Sammy has been given a chance to see Sammy’s son. A news article was published about the case in November 2018.

As a result of the news article, Sammy decided to waive away her anonymity and make public that the article was in fact about her. She did this in order to bring attention to the loopholes in the law and the system that’s been failing rape victims and their children all over the United Kingdom.

Sammy has asked the UK government to change the law to protect victims of rape and their children so convicted rapists can’t get access to the children they fathered. She has asked the public to support her in her case and for other victims to come forward (anonymously).

Multiple petitions were filed to help Sammy. Sammy’s own global petition, as we speak, has over 360.000 signatures. If you are a UK citizen or resident, you can sign Sammy’s specific petition to parliament here.

You can help Sammy’s campaign to change the law by signing her petition, by tweeting about it, or by researching laws in your own country and asking for change in your own country as well.

If you are a victim of rape and had a child as a result of rape and are in a similar situation as Sammy, you can reach out to her personally, or contact to share your story (anonymously). is currently writing future articles about cases like this.

Imelda Cortez (Source: Rex Features)



Imelda Cortez was raped by her stepfather since the age of 12.

In April 2017 Imelda, who didn’t know she was pregnant, gave birth to a healthy baby girl fathered by her abusive elderly stepfather.

Imelda was rushed to the hospital by her own mother due to severe bleeding. The emergency room doctor suspected Imelda tried to have an abortion and called the police, regardless of Imelda’s daughter being born healthy and alive.

Imelda Cortez was charged with attempted murder regardless. She was denied bail and sent to jail after a week in hospital. She now faces 20 years in prison because she lives in a country (El Salvador) where abortion is illegal under all circumstances.

You can show support to Imelda by tweeting about her and asking for her release publicly.


Reality Leigh Winner is a former American intelligence specialist and whistleblower.

In 2017 Reality Winner was arrested on suspicion of leaking an intelligence report about Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections to the news website The Intercept. The report suggested that Russian hackers had accessed at least one U.S. voting software supplier.

On August 23, 2018, Winner was sentenced to five years and three months in prison as part of a plea deal.


The movement fighting sexual assault in any shape or form. Many smaller causes within the movement have been formed, to address sexual assault in specific places or situations. Looking for a specific cause? Try searching for it by using a hashtag, the topic + too. For example, #ChurchToo or #KidsToo.

A suggestion of some hashtags you can research within the #MeToo movement you can find below.


other languages:
#मैंभी (India)
#YoTambién (Spain)
#BalanceTonPorc (France)


Noura Hussein is a fomer child-bride who was forced to marry a man she did not want as a husband. Noura didn’t want to have sex with the man she was forced to marry. The brother of her ‘husband’ and two cousins held her down when he raped her the first time.

The next day, when her ‘husband’ tried to rape her again, Noura killed him. She fought the man who attacked her, and was sentenced to death due to it.

A petition was started to save Noura, along with the hashtag #JusticeForNoura, eventually leading to the court to no longer sentence her to death.

However, she is in still in jail. As of today, over 1743069 people signed the petition. The Justice for Noura campaign has been supported by many activists in the #MeToo movement and is a result of what can happen if people come together and use their voice against injustice.


Asifa Bano (8) from India was gang-raped and then murdered as part of a political move. The crimes committed against the Indian girl sparked an outrage in India, after a series of rapes and murders of other Indian girls.

People started the hashtag #JusticeForAsifa to demand action taken against the rapists. India is currently going through a rape crisis, and according to this poll it is considered the most dangerous country in the world for women and girls. 


Anna Chambers was raped by two police officers while in custody in the USA. Her case is drawing attention to a loophole inside the system, that could allow police to avoid a rape conviction.

Anna’s case has sparked an international debate out consent. Surely when you are cuffed, and your abusers have a gun, you can’t consent to sex right? DNA of the policemen was found on Anna, however, due to a legal loophole, her case has become a fight. You can send support to Anna by tweeting at her own Twitter account here.

The case of a 19-year-old woman who says she was raped in the back of an unmarked NYPD van is drawing attention to a loophole that could allow police to avoid rape conviction. Attorney Wendy Patrick spoke to CBSN about why the former detectives' claim that Anna Chambers consented to sex while she was under arrest may not hold up in court.


Project that addresses complicity of social media and their inhumane bot systems, when it comes to fightin online violence and criminal behaviour.


A hashtag created to collect and find news articles surrounding (physical/sexual) violence, murder, racism/discrimination and/or mental health.


A hashtag for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder to discuss discrimination, abuse, life as a person who has autism, and anything that concerns those with ASD.


Youtube and companies alike need to change their guidelines to protect the online community. Abusers must be banned from the platform, children need to be protected from groomers within the community, and a creator’s behaviour outside the platform, should matter. You can tweet at #NoRoomToGroomOnYoutube, #TimesUpYoutube and #MeTooYoutube. does not display third party advertisements because we believe information and knowledge that informs or protects the public, should be (clutter)free.

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