Youtuber Wanted For MURDER of 11 Year Old Boy

Youtuber Wanted For MURDER of 11 Year Old Boy

Dutch police have been looking for the murderer of Nicky Verstappen (11) for 20 years. It seems they have finally found the man responsible for murdering Nicky: the suspect's name is Jos Brech, also known as youtuber oakleafNL. However, nobody knows where he is.

Jos Brech: A bushcrafter and youtuber.

Update: Jos Brech arrested in Spain

Yesterday, the Dutch police released the images and details of this man, who was identified due to a DNA match after 20 years.

Jos Brech is a known bushcrafter who knows how to survive in the wild. He has disappeared and could be anywhere at this point. 

The last location the suspected murderer of Nicky Verstappen has been seen was in France. See this video below for more information.


This man is Jos Brech, youtuber oakleafNL. After 20 years Dutch police have found a DNA match in the murder/sexual assault case of an 11 year old boy from the Netherlands: Nicky Verstappen. Jos Brech, is youtuber oakleafNL. His channel seems monetised.

Nicky Verstappen was 11 when he was murdered during a camping trip. After 20 years, the police have finally been able to identify a suspect. Nicky was probably molested before he was murdered.

The 55-year-old Jos Brech did not give a DNA sample for a wide investigation in this case. The police managed to match DNA traces found on Nicky's clothing because some of Brech's family members did respond to the kinship investigation. Brech disappeared in the same month when the DNA investigation started. Over 14.000 people participated in the kinship investigation.

Youtube channel of Jos Brech.

Youtuber oakleafNL is wanted as a suspect in the murder case of 11 year old boy Nicky Verstappen. This is what his channel looked like on August 23, 2018, a day after the Dutch police put him on the Most Wanted list.

The suspect of the murder of Nicky Verstappen, regularly shared 'urban exploring', 'bushcrafting' and hiking videos on his channel. You can see the suspect walk around in some of his videos. It appears his channel may have been monetised on Youtube.

Below, you can see what looks like an advertisement, appearing in one of his videos, in the top right corner, by BPM Network.

On the website SocialBlade, it is suggested that if this suspect's channel is monetised, he makes between 3-41 euro a month.

The Dutch police released Jos Brech's images and name on the 22 of August, 2018. If his youtube channel is monetised, it's suggested that on this day, he has made between 14-220 euro through advertisement money, due to traffic visiting his channel.

Below, stills of some of the youtube videos Jos Brech put online.

Jos Brech wanted by dutch police youtuber 01.png

On his youtube channel, the suspect shows videos in which children appear too. On his Google Plus page, the suspect has shared a post quite nauseating given the police is looking for him concerning the murder of Nicky Verstappen. The post reads: Warning, children left unattended will be sold to the circus.

Jos Brech, youtuber oakleafNL, is on the most wanted list of the Dutch police. He might have fled abroad and could be hiding. If you have seen this man, contact the police immediately.

Sign the  petition  to ban abusers, predators & rapists from Youtube, so they can no longer make money through advertisement revenue.

Sign the petition to ban abusers, predators & rapists from Youtube, so they can no longer make money through advertisement revenue.



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