Youtuber Arrested After Following Woman To Her Front Door And Trying To Grab Her

Youtuber Christopher Prusa. This video was uploaded under the name c2prusa, on 10-12-2017, on Youtube.

Stand-up comedian and youtuber Christopher Prusa was identified as the man who followed victim Judy Liang to her home early in the morning, and tried to grab her while she was trying to find the keys to unlock her front door of her family's home.

Police made an arrest on Saturday night in connection to an assault shown on surveillance video which they say shows a woman narrowly escaping a would-be rapist in Queens early Friday.

Police arrested the man. According to the New York Post, the police set up a meeting with Prusa, who was trying to sell his car. Detectives pretended to be prospective buyers, so they could catch him. He was arrested on charges including attempted rape but prosecutors ended up charging him with stalking, attempted assault, and harassment, according to the article. 

The victim tells her story in the video below, where she warns people to always look behind you when walking alone. 

Uploaded by Netizen Watch on 2018-08-08.

The attacker, Christopher Prusa, was identified based on his youtube channel after police released footage of the security camera to the public.

Prusa's Facebook profile picture on August 2018

According to his Facebook page, Prusa used to be a high school teacher in Florida, before moving to New York in June 2017. On his Youtube channel, you can find a video of Prusa joking with children in class.

Christopher Prusa worked as a teacher before.

Other videos on his youtube channel show how Prusa was trying to get attention online as a comedian.

I think it's important to remember that predators come in all shapes and sizes, and you cannot identify them based on their public persona. Christopher Prusa presents himself online as a 'funny-man' and teacher who previously worked with children, but has been arrested for stalking and following a woman to her home, which luckily was caught on camera. Imagine what would have happened if the woman froze due to the fight, flight and fear reaction, and didn't run away.

Imagine there hadn't been cameras near the crime scene. How many people would have believed the victim was assaulted by a white youtuber, especially when other male youtubers tend to protect, enable and empower other white youtubers, like in the case of rapist youtuber Exurb1a?

It's time the YouTube community starts speaking out against abusers and predators on youtube, and that youtube starts to ban these abusers from their platforms.

You can help with this. For example, by tweeting at the CEO of youtube, using the hashtags #TimesUpYoutube and #MeTooYoutube. The CEO of youtube is Susan Wojcicki.

As we speak, Christopher Prusa's channel is still visible online.

If we can get Youtube to ban this abuser, we could set a precedent for other victims of youtubers, and by doing that, bring #MeToo to the next level: that abusers in entertainment will no longer be accepted in online public communities, if they abuse, assault and/or rape people. You see, entertainers are meant to, well.. Entertain people. Make them laugh. If these entertainers harm other human beings, they deserve no place in entertainment at all.

Addressing abuse of youtubers is especially important given that the legal system fails victims of abusers all the time and few victims get justice. For example, between 85-95% of rapists pressed charges against, walk free. This average statistic you can find throughout the world and only includes victims who filed a police report against the person that raped them. Some examples of these stats:





As a rape victim of a youtuber myself, I've been addressing this for over a year. Currently I'm in touch with another rape victim of a youtuber who got in touch with me after finding out about my story. The woman in question has not spoken out yet, but is considering to do this in the near future. If you are a rape victim of a youtuber or know someone who was raped by a youtuber, please reach out.

We're stronger together. Let's make the internet and world safer, one step at a time. Speak out against abusers in entertainment.

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