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"But how can you divide without knowledge, without experience?" I ask. "You'd have to take a risk. Make a guess. But isn't that the same as randomness?" 


 She smells like summer and autumn in one. A strange combination of flowers and death. Not in a horrible way, it's rather that you know you can never forget that smell. If it will ever leave you, you know it will tear you apart. Her scent is deadly.

Signal Offline

The waves are confused. They predict different paths that all seem the most logical one. One leads to me killing the boy for the survival of the human race as I know it. Murder, an option, that has never seemed logical to me before. 

Harold's Castle

Harold built a castle once. He used leftover bricks from his aunt's patio, old shoeboxes generously donated by his sisters, and green sticky tape from his mother's craft room.

The Dark Path

It’s 5 in the morning. I pull my car over, and enter the gas station. The woman behind the counter looks at me in terror. I’m not surprised, for my face is painted black, with hints of colour everywhere. Hair wild in a messy updo, walking in a comfortable outfit that some might call the ‘hobo-look’.

He smiles when our eyes meet. “How have you been?” my friend asks. “Are you still making videos?” I frown, since we both have each other on Facebook. “Yes,” I answer. “Have you not seen my blogposts or YouTube links in your newsfeed?” He shakes his head. “I haven’t seen any of your videos in a while! I thought you quit YouTube. I did like your new profile picture though, that one I saw.”