Coulrophobia: A Psychedelic Editing Experiment

Are you afraid of clowns or people with face paint? If so, then this video might not be your cup of tea. In this short film I collaborated with my friend and make-up artist Marthe Neus during some blacklight experimenting. The result is a psychedelic video, which we didn't plan.

When Marthe and I work together, we often like to shoot impulsively.This time we decided to do a blacklight photoshoot in which Marthe would model (and do her own make-up). We used PaintGlow UV reactive face paint as make-up. 

I took some short films of her in make-up. When I got home, I decided to play around with the footage I shot and create a psychedelic video. Since I didn't film much, that wasn't very easy. It was fun to do though, and taught me a lot more about trippy video editing as well.

Model & Makeup Artist: Marthe Neus does not display third party advertisements because we believe information and knowledge that informs or protects the public, should be (clutter)free.

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