Moving Plates: A Recycle Editing Experiment

The universe on a plate. What will you see? Watch this trippy video when high on life or during video meditation. Let's move some plates!

This blacklight glow video was inspired by a psychedelic group online I joined recently. As an artist, it’s really interesting for me to read how others perceive the universe, world, and life in general. Especially from a psychedelic or stoner point of view.

As an aspiring filmmaker and autodidact, I try to explore and experiment with different kinds of filmmaking as much as I can. Recently I’ve been into psychedelic visuals a lot. Through recycling some of my old video materials and turning them into something completely new, I created the psychedelic footage.

The footage created in Moving Plates is actually originally from the UV glitter make-up tutorial you can see above. I used all the footage where my intern Anne was mixing sugar with UV paint on a plate. Said footage I edited and turned into something new. Recycling can surely be fun!