Save the Bees: Short Nature Video

They are dying, and we are partially to blame. In this short film I'm giving a shoutout to bees worldwide, who work in our world work for free.

When driving through Germany I stumbled upon the beautiful red poppy field you can see in this video. Luckily I had my Canon EOS 5D mark II with me (unfortunately not my tripod, hence the hand-held filming), so I could take some films of what I saw. For some reason the bees that day intrigued me the most, so I made them my main subject.  

I remembered as a kid seeing many more bees during the summer. Now, not so much. Which is a true shame if you know the role they play on our earth.

Bees worldwide are supporting our beautiful world and food production, because they pollinate crops (along with other insects like butterflies, wasps, etc). They face the struggle of wind and weather everyday, not just for their own colony, but for us, too.

The result of their hard work is that a third of the food that we eat depends on them and other pollinating insects. Fruits like apricot, nuts like almonds, vegetables like zucchini, spices like coriander, and many more.

The problem is, that the bees are dying. Scientists suspect pesticides and diseases are the leading causes of this disaster.

Without bees, our beautiful world would look much different. A third of the food that we eat depends on pollinating insects: vegetables like zucchini, fruits like apricot, nuts like almonds, spices like coriander, edible oils like canola, and many more..

It’s time for the world to realise how much we need the bees, and that they need us right now. There are different petitions online you can sign online to help save the bees.

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