Psychonaut: A Spychedelic Editing Experiment

Watch when high on life. Why? Because that’s how I made Psychonaut ;).

A psychonaut is a sailor of the soul. Psychonautics refers to a methodology for describing and explaining the subjective effects of altered states of consciousness. In my case, I wanted to visually translate my mind during such a state. The result is Psychonaut.

This project was an experiment for me. I wanted to find out where nature and music would bring me, and how it would affect my (psychedelic) editing ideas. It was pretty awesome to do, I spent about 5 high-on-life evenings on it :)

I made this trippy psychedelic kaleidoscope video with nature footage I shot some years ago. It was the first footage I ever shot with my Canon EOS 5D mark II. I never used it but kept it out of nostalgia. Perfect for an experimental project. I decided to turn something old into something new, psychedelic style. Do forgive me for any noise in the footage, I never expected to use this material so it has some beginner quality flaws you might notice sometimes throughout the trippy video.