Hello Wall


Hello wall.
How are you today?
Well, you seem alright. 
I’m okay. Yes, I’ve been outside.
I saw the sun and you know, that beautiful tree.
Very true, also had two cups coffee.
You know me so well.
Like nobody does.

Well, I do that.
I express through words
But I don’t know how to talk
Well, It makes me feel little
and small inside
As if there’s nothing within
And I am just a box
to be burned

Yeah, I do.
I express through work
my visuals are on fire tonight
But you know, you and me, we don’t know how to see
And I am speaking to the rain
To the nothing, within
Waiting to wither away

It feels like

Every day, a new page
Every person, a new chapter
And I screaming I am not like summer rain
I don’t just wash away
But maybeI already did

Maybe I am just another story
Maybe you already wrote me


Wrote me
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