I Feel Nothing

A video experiment in which I'm combining spoken word with visual story telling.

The thumbnail image used in this video is from one of my older photography works, you can see the full version below:

 Bleeding Soul (2011).

Bleeding Soul (2011).

Text from the video:

I feel (I feel) so much
and yet I feel nothing
am I even alive?
the clock keeps ticking
tick tick ticking
and yet everything happens
at the same time
you run and hide
you shout and scream
you sing and dance
you fight and dream
I pick myself up
tear everything apart
self destruction
has set so deep in my heart
and how do I fix
what is not broken
and why do I break
the things I already mended
And why does time keep on ticking
tick tick ticking
why does it move forward
to places I don’t want to go
I guess I am in deep
troubled and lost
in my own soul
I feel so much
and yet I feel nothing
I am a rock
I am the sky the birds
and the trees
and everything beyond
I am the wind the fields
in which I roar
I am the water
in which I drown (nothing)
and time just keeps on ticking
tick tick ticking
tick tick ticking
waiting for me
to fall apart
and time just keeps on ticking
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