Letter to a Friend

There will be an evening
that never turns into day
when the sun stops shining
and all lights fade away

On a cold morning
when you think you no longer feel
your heart stops beating
your mind is ready to seal

At a later stage
when nothing seems alright
you feel like skipping the page
the darkness becomes so bright

And the next second
when time seems to stop
your thirst seems to lessen and
your brain starts to drop

But then you forgive and forget
look at the past, and how it flowed
think of all the colours you haven’t met
and can still find on this road

They say it only gets better in after life
but I beg to differ
I beg for you to see your worth
your vision will only grow bigger
here is now, we’re together on earth
one last look until your final birth

Into shadows and the unknown
where nothing is new or old
this is where we’ve grown
together, and together we’re made of gold

So if you ask me soft but nicely
where do you go when your body gives up
and how do you stay alive when you try to get back on top
I’ll tell you quietly without anxiety
that even though you lose so much
you will still see the world inside your head
which means you’re never out of touch
and that for you it’s not time to go to bed
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